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Recovery: Drunk to Sober!

By Sobrfit3

Written by: Cathy Shuba

A while back, I had told everyone that I was in the process of writing my book. I did not tell anyone what the title would be or what it would be about and when published to the public. I still do not know my exact published date but do know in January of 2013 it will be published. How exciting yet sometimes unsure on what will come of it and how many it will encourage, inspire and bring a new understanding to the concerns I have when recovering from alcoholism or any addiction today. For a while, I felt as though my book would never be completed and published, only because there have been many changes, corrections and so forth needed to make in my book. Do you ever feel as though you are working at something or trying to accomplish something and never seem to see the end of the road? I have been feeling off and on about these exact feelings but today I can finally tell everyone the title of my book. The title is, “Drunk to Sober: Running in a New Direction!” Are any of you, surprised by my title of my book? For those of you who visit my site regularly know I am a runner and have been in recovery for over 19 years. There is no surprise there but the surprise will be the exercises I have planned for all of you to do, or at least try to do or shall I say if you are willing to do in my book. Do not worry, it should not give anyone a heart attack—well I hope not! I guess it depends on how honest you are about yourself. Furthermore, my book will be an example, of all who know me, how I live my life today in recovery. All who purchase my book will have the chance to participate—that is if you are willing. I feel you can share my book with or without a group discussion. The book I wrote hopefully will enhance your life, awareness and needs in your recovery—recovery needs to be more!

I thought I would share with all of you my accomplishment in writing this book, having it soon to be published and following through on one of my dreams in writing my own book. Knowing how important it was for me to share my message with all of you I am giving you a chance to pre-order a copy of my book, “Drunk to Sober; Running in a New Direction!” My book will release in January 2013 with God’s help and delivered to you sometime in January 2013. So if you would like to pre-order a copy today feel free to click on the image to pre-order one today.

Please NOTE:  Books ordered will not be delivered until some time in January 2013.

Here is a brief description of my book, “Drunk to Sober” Running in a New Direction!

After many years in recovery and belonging to a 12-step program that helps Alcoholics become sober, Cathy needed more in her recovery. Wondering how to get more, experience more and have more in her recovery, she sought out a new direction with another 12-step program that helps the family members of Alcoholics. Seven years later, she has learned so muc

h more about herself, others and the ability to love and accept others in her life with or without an addiction problem. Having more of a recovery, Cathy experienced many gifts that have allowed her to be more open-minded with others. Cathy shows you how she has run all the way with her recovery in this book. She continues not to stop running all the way—in her recovery!

Order your copy today of “Drunk to Sober!”

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