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Change: I Am Still Sober, Happy and Free!

By Sobrfit3

Written by:  Cathy Shuba

It has been a month since my last blog and I have to say that is the longest time I have gone without writing in my blog.  Has anyone out there missed my blog posts?  I wonder.  Moving on, things have been going on in my life and family that caused me to be unable to put as much attention on my blog.  I am still sober.  I am still alive.  I am still happy.  I am still here.  I am still free!  Unbelievably, I am still working on me in order to be a better me.  I am still sober!  I am still sober!

Amazing how many years and times I was told in the past and probably by some after reading this,…lol!…that if I didn’t do this or didn’t do that I would end up drinking again.  I am still sober!  If I did not attend so many meetings in a week or month, I would drink again.  I am still sober!  If I did not reach out, help someone else, do this do that I would drink again.  I am still sober!  I no longer believe in the things I was once brain washed to believe.  I have changed!  I am free!  I am sober!

What is my point?  What is the motive behind me writing this today?  Well, there are many and I only have so much room and time to write this so I will sum it up in so many words.  I posted a quote today on Facebook and Twitter and if you were connected to me on those social media sites, you would have seen and read my quote.  What was my quote?  The quote I posted was about accepting change when change is ready and willing.  There I said it!  That sums me all up about how I have worked that into my recovery today and everyday from Alcoholism.  In other words, I was ready for change and willing to change and no one was going to feed there ego and say they got me sober or this program of recovery saved me.  No one or no program saves anyone!  That is unrealistic thinking in my opinion.  I am sober, happy and free today because I chose that in my life.  Yes, I had guidance.  Yes, I wanted guidance but the end result was what I put into it and what kind of a person I wanted to be in my recovery.  Change is only possible if one is willing.  Change is only possible if one wants it enough, has pain enough and has had it enough.  I was all of that.  I was ready for change.  I was willing to change.  I wanted to share my story of how I got that change in my new book “Drunk to Sober Running in a New Direction!”   However, I am not going to shove it down everyone’s throat to buy it.  If someone wants what I got or wants to read it then they will buy it.  However, you are not going to see me plastering it all over Facebook and Twitter.  I had no intention when writing my book to change anyone and think I would when writing it.  My book is about my changes and what did and did not work for me.  If it does help someone then that person has only decided to change for themselves.  It wasn’t me who did it for them.

Today, I wrote about change and the importance it is in someone’s life in order to see change, be the change and have the change.  Are you willing to have change, be the change and create the change in your life?  Are you willing enough to get there in your life?  The fact and truth of it all is that you are the only one who can choose that no one or recovery program can bring you to change except for yourself.

Today, I ran and thought about the changes I have made in my life since I first became sober 20 years ago.  Well, it will be 20 years April 3, 2013.  Change is never ending in my life and look forward to change instead of resisting it or running from it like I once did when I was drinking.  I am still Happy, Sober and Free!

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