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Awareness: Guns Vs. Mental Illness!

By Sobrfit3

Written By:  Cathy Shuba

Since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, there has been continuous talk about gun protection and legal laws that should be changed, fixed or thought about.  Not legalize guns would be the solution while others feel it is the people behind the guns that cause the killings.  What do you think?  Back and forth back and forth with no solution to what we really need, in other words—prevention of another horrific incident we all just experienced a week ago.

What is the solution?  Does anyone have that answer to that question or do we all just keep talking about the same thing and deny what I feel should be addressed—mental illness issues!  Why is it continued to be overlooked, denied help when clearly one may need it or misdiagnosed because the doctor diagnosing is really not familiar or knows what to do with the person who is troubled yet it seems today that there is a rehab facility for drugs and alcohol at every corner as though it was a McDonalds.  Where are the mental institutions that care for these deeply troubled human beings?  There is none!  Where is the support for these deeply troubled individuals?  There is none or they deny it because of lack of mental health insurance coverage, poverty and lack of space in hospitals or facilities to help accommodate them.  Yet, the control on guns and selling them is banned, changed or re-evaluated as to who gets to buy one or carry one.  Hmmm?  That does not cost the government that much money to change that or dismiss that area.  Am I missing something here?  But Health care, Mental health coverage and Hospitalization not to mention the meds these individuals need just to function cost so much that one is forced to stop taking because they have no other choice in the matter.  WAKE UP!  In my opinion, instead of putting so much time and energy in gun control they need to put it into the mental illness healthcare, prevention programs, and support programs like those that do with Rehab centers.  It seems to me we need just as much Mental Health Centers to help these individuals as we do with anyone with an addiction problem.  Perhaps I do not understand the whole mental illness health politics or money needed behind it in order to support such a desperately needed area for people who struggle with this.  Perhaps I just need to talk about something I am AWARE of that no one seems to want to talk about or at least bring it to the table as a topic of discussion.  Perhaps it takes too much money and time to care for these mentally ill individuals that no one has the time or energy to do just the thing in order to help them.  Today I did just that and for those who disagrees with me that’s OK too, but it is how I feel and have always said that RECOVERY needs to be more as I wrote about this in my new Book, “Drunk to Sober”  that will publish in January 2013.  Why is no one talking about this topic of concern?  Please help me understand more or why no one talks about it.

I wrote this article today because I feel that denial surrounds us no matter where we live.  Denial keeps all problems from NOT being solved.  Denial will always keep us from AWARENESS of our real problems!  Denial equals no solution!  Maybe that is why there has been no solutions in this matter?  Yes, I get that anyone can buy a gun regardless if a background check is done or not.  It still does not address the problem of mental health issues.  Yes, I get that we have no control over what happens behind closed doors.  It still does not address the problem of mental health issues.  Yes, I do understand that many people have no business purchasing a gun let alone having one to shoot.  It still does not address the problem of mental health issues.  Yes, I do realize we have no way of knowing if someone is struggling with a mental illness and that most who do struggle with it have no idea what is wrong with them and if they do know choose not to get help for it, too.  Just like an addict who goes through intervention, why we do not have interventions for these individuals or see reality shows about mental illness in order to bring AWARENESS to others on this topic.  However, I can be the change I wish and hope to see.  What I do realize is that I have choices today and that is why I chose to share my AWARENESS in the neglect of so many people in this world with sick mental health issues that are not talked about, cared for properly or just overlooked because it is not understood.  I am aware, I will not deny what others deny and I choose to share my opinion on my AWARENESS.

By the way, I never saw a gun have legs, arms and eyes and walk freely without a human behind it in order to make it shoot.  Did you ever see such a thing?  There is always a human behind a gun in order for it to shoot.  There is always a human behind a knife in order to stab.  There is always a human behind a car how hits another car or person.  Do you get my point?  I hope my article brings AWARENESS on helping the human and putting the energy and money into individual rather than the guns.

Today, I took a long walk and thought about what I shared with all of you and how controversial this topic is in our world we live in.  I am glad that I continue to be aware in my recovery regardless if people agree with me or not.

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