• Renascence309

    Three best friends living, reliving, loving, laughing and indulging in the city where languages clash, collide and melt into something fabulous. Montreal.

    Listen kids- this is a big deal. Not only are we best friends, business partners, full time University students, and full time fabulous- there are just some things that cannot go unexpressed. We created this website in order to dish, spill, rant, rave, and basically set the record straight on Montreal-according to Pam, Fray and Jess.

    Renascence provides your fix for the latest in fashion, art/entertainment and food that Montreal has to offer!

    Now we’re here to express, in the most gracious and delightful of manners, our views on what’s up in MTL, as well as some of the fashion ‘faux pas’ plaguing our fellow Montrealers. Be afraid.

    Felicity and beware- watch yourself, because we’re watching you.

    x Pam, Fray and Jess