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  • Earning My Glass Slipper

    Earning Glass Slipper

    These past two weeks have been full-on Princess Half Marathon, Enchanted 10K, and Glass Slipper Challenge (Half +10K) frenzy, with the early registration,... Read more

    The 13 June 2013 by   Disneybrideandgroom
  • Fake It Till You Make It: China’s Counterfeit Craze….

    Fake Till Make China’s Counterfeit Craze….

    Fake McDonalds in ChinaI was at the mighty Mongkok Ladies Markets this week or as the locals call it “Wong Gog” – meaning ‘prosperous and crowded corner. Read more

    The 30 June 2013 by   Mint Mocha Musings
  • Kose Cosmagic Lock On Brow Review

    Kose Cosmagic Lock Brow Review

    Confession: I'm a brow noob. The one and only brow pencil I have is the Ever Bilena Brow Pencil that I only use on other people and never on myself because I... Read more

    The 13 June 2013 by   Ileodarod
  • Becoming a Mom...and How It's Awesome! {guest Post}

    Becoming Mom...and It's Awesome! {guest Post}

    I'm spending the day with my boys and leaving Erin to take over the blog! She's an absolute doll and we have so much in common :) Hope you love her as much as... Read more

    The 01 June 2013 by   Samantha Curtis
  • Flowers


    My granny used to say flowers were more trouble than they’re worth. So she bought some nice plastic flowers and once a year she hosed them down. And then they... Read more

    The 12 June 2013 by   Nicoleao
  • Monday Sickness

    Monday Sickness

    as defined by is when you wake up on a Monday morning and you really don't want to go to school/work that day so you don't. Read more

    The 10 June 2013 by   Yhenbarron
  • Strawberry Pallet Planter

    Strawberry Pallet Planter

    I mentioned awhile back that we attended a garden party at our friend Jill's house. One of the exchanges we came home with that night was some strawberry plants. Read more

    The 04 June 2013 by   Hersunday
  • Show Luo ‘Over The Limit’ 羅志祥舞极限演唱会 – Superb SHOWmanship

    Show ‘Over Limit’ 羅志祥舞极限演唱会 Superb SHOWmanship

    Oh god, why is this happening to me?With the number of technical glitches that happened during the night, Show Luo must be wondering if he got out of the wrong... Read more

    The 24 June 2013 by   Spunktitude
  • Beauty Wednesdays Part 2: Back 2 Mac Scheme and Lipstick Review

    Beauty Wednesdays Part Back Scheme Lipstick Review

    For those of you who may be aware - I, Hayley, am a complete and utter Mac-a-holic.It's been a problem I've had for approximately 7 years now - ever since I... Read more

    The 19 June 2013 by   Sparklesandstretchmarks
  • When Your Little Baby Turns into a Big Boy (Happy Birthday Jackson!)

    When Your Little Baby Turns into (Happy Birthday Jackson!)

    Wow Mom Wednesday: I would be remiss not to discuss probably the most life-changing moment in my life - the birth of my son - on his five-year-old birthday. Read more

    The 19 June 2013 by   Arredmon