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  • Driving Test Nostalgia (‘Life’s a Journey’ Nostalgia Link-Up, Week 50)

    Driving Test Nostalgia (‘Life’s Journey’ Link-Up, Week

    Welcome to year two of our weekly series of ‘link-up’ Posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info). Read more

    The 15 January 2013 by   Saveeverystep
  • Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop Update

    Lost Drawers Vintage Shop Update

    What would 2013 be with out a little Lost in Drawers Vintage Shop update!? We have some beautiful, modern and oh so wearable vintage dresses. Mostly floral... Read more

    The 04 January 2013 by   Lostindrawers
  • Edward Or Jacob? - Messed Up

    Edward Jacob? Messed

    Sometimes our hearts can betray us. And it is precisely then that our minds (annoyingly) stop working too! Contrasting the characters of Edward Cullen and... Read more

    The 13 January 2013 by   Chhavivatwani
  • This Could Be Killing You & You Have No Idea...

    This Could Killing Have Idea...

    My dearest friends. Today I want to share something very near and dear to my heart. Lyme Disease Awareness. I know this is a long post, but if this reaches one... Read more

    The 30 January 2013 by   Wifessionals
  • DIY: Oh Deer!

    DIY: Deer!

    Oh Deer! is the last of my DIY projects. It was fun and quite easy to assemble it: just be sure to use a +1,5 mm thick wire because mine was a bit too fragile... Read more

    The 30 January 2013 by   Facingnorth
  • You're Invited to the Best Day of Your Life!

    You're Invited Best Your Life!

    What does a really good and fun party consist of? I am going to throw a Superbowl party this year, and I want it to be the talk of the year! Our house is the... Read more

    The 21 January 2013 by   Mikidemann
  • One ‘Selfless’ Sister…

    ‘Selfless’ Sister…

    My Selfless Journey, 2013. My Selfless Journey continues… So, I know the word ”Selfless” isn’t all that attractive, (and this is my third post about it) , bu... Read more

    The 20 January 2013 by   Jenrene
  • Lindi Ortega Brings Country Music Home To Toronto!

    Lindi Ortega Brings Country Music Home Toronto!

    While most people may think that country music lives at big festivals like Boots Hearts or in stereotypical bars in Tennessee and Texas, I can tell you that... Read more

    The 25 January 2013 by   Phjoshua
  • After Winter Break: Adjusting & Letting Go Along the Autism Spectrum

    After Winter Break: Adjusting Letting Along Autism Spectrum

    Wondering: Will it be a good day? A crisis filled day? A Safe day? I dropped Samuel off this morning and acted like it was any other school morning. He fussed... Read more

    The 07 January 2013 by   Juliejordanscott
  • Condoms Are Great For Icing Cakes

    Condoms Great Icing Cakes

    A mum decided to do a bit of baking today, with full intentions of making some cakes for her mum and her mums partner.The mum in question needed to ice her cake... Read more

    The 22 January 2013 by   Therealsupermum