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One ‘Selfless’ Sister…

By Jenrene
My Selfless Journey.

My Selfless Journey, 2013.


My Selfless Journey continues…

So, I know the word ”Selfless” isn’t all that attractive,  (and this is my third post about it) , but I am on this journey to improve myself and fill up the places in me that are lacking. Of course, to fill up anything in your soul, you have to first wrestle with silencing your soul. And gratefully, that – I have accomplished. I must say, I am proud of myself, because it was not an easy task.

My soul was more agitated than I initially was aware… for it took a few days at the beginning of the year to actually realize how much tension I had in my body, and then to release it.  I make this a practice, daily, actually, purposing myself to rid tension.  It’s not that my life is all that stressful, but the things in my life I am committed to, at this time; happen to involve very intense-filled moments. So, of course, to stay aligned to the purpose of this blog, “Living and Acquiesce- Filled Life”... I surrender here. I mark  this space with love for myself ; my God –  yet at the same time, surrender to the  waves that flow in and out of my life and call me to greater purpose and evolving into the middle-aged beautiful soul that I am.

I am taking a really awesome course that is filled with awesome reflection and helping me to gather great anticipation for the projects that shall follow in my life.  I believe I have awesome courage.  And in this course, we are to determine one word we plan to take into the New Year with unyielding passion. Although I was given the word before I even  thought of  taking time to journal about it; I have been able to turn the word inside out and  I “intentionally” take each day as it comes and attempt to live it as freely and as closely as possible to this word, above. It’s beginning to revolutionalize my life.

So some of these words you see in the picture above, I believe I actually do quite well. The juggle itself is in being able to juggle them all in the air, with one hand tied behind my back. ( Haha!)

So, don’t ask what: getatable means, okay? ( Ahh!!! You did!) 

NO… it isn’t asking you to go “get a table” and pull it up so everyone can gather together and eat…  It’s more like  get at – a-ble.  Something that’s reachable. As in something obtainable, accessible and worth accomplishing. It has everything to do with attaining something possible. I LOVE this word. Once I found out what it meant, I thought how weird! Yet I acquiesced once I found out what it meant, because I have several things this year I’d like to obtain!

Only about 20 days into my journey, I am finding that the things that are obtainable take LOADS of sacrifice, patience with yourself and self-evaluation.

And for that, I am glad.

 VERY glad.

 For it makes the attainable outcome  ’humongously’ authentic.

Selah. (Pause and calmly think of that.)


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