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Emergence Christianity Paperblog Pick in Religion

Emergence Christianity

I have heard some people claim that traditional Christianity is on its way out and emergent Christianity is the only way forward. Traditional Christianity must change or die. I... Read more

Goodbye, Friend Paperblog Pick in Religion

Goodbye, Old Friend

Changing the unchangeable..When I arrived in my office yesterday, a parcel was waiting for me. With some degree of excitement I ripped off the packaging to reveal a shiny, new,... Read more


  • Bible Verses For Safe Travel

    Bible Verses Safe Travel

    We all travel at some points in our lives, and a prayer for when we travel is important to be sure God knows we want His hand in our vacation, trip or in any... Read more

    The 26 February 2013 by   Wilsontom
  • Put Fun Back into Your Marriage -- a Hasty pre-Valentine's Day Post

    Back into Your Marriage Hasty pre-Valentine's Post

    It’s now February, and you know what that means…LOVEY DOVEY BLOG POSTS!!! I wish... No, no, don’t get me wrong; my marriage is fine. Thing is, I will not be abl... Read more

    The 07 February 2013 by   Lessonsofadad
  • The 10 Longest Reigning Popes In History

    Longest Reigning Popes History

    image credit Saint Peter, who was the first Bishop of Rome and the first pope, is thought to have reigned for over 30 years, but the exact length is not known. Read more

    The 28 February 2013 by   Gerard
  • Holy Land, USA: from Place of Pilgrimage to Creepy Destination

    Holy Land, USA: from Place Pilgrimage Creepy Destination

    Once one of Connecticut’s most popular tourist attractions, this closed and decaying Catholic theme park continues to draw visitors looking for the unusual and... Read more

    The 02 February 2013 by   Lasesana
  • What is WRONG with Muslims?

    What WRONG with Muslims?

    Optimists like me (and Steven Pinker) see a world in which violence is being progressively restrained. Naysayers point to a persistence of violent conflict in... Read more

    The 09 February 2013 by   Fsrcoin
  • Saudi Cleric’s Order: Babies Must Wear Burkas

    Saudi Cleric’s Order: Babies Must Wear Burkas

    Women must wear a burka in public in Saudi Arabia. There is controversy brewing in Saudi Arabia over the burka, the traditional veil that covers a woman’s face... Read more

    The 06 February 2013 by   Reasoningpolitics
  • Shroud of Jesus Christ

    Shroud Jesus Christ

    The burial Shroud of Jesus Christ Turin/Torino, Italy The Turin Shroud, is this the image of Jesus Christ? The image on the Shroudbelieved to be that of Jesus... Read more

    The 12 February 2013 by   Kashifqdn
  • Not Quite Yosef Mokir Shabbos

    Quite Yosef Mokir Shabbos

    We all know the famous story of "Yosef Mokir Shabbos". The story of Yosef, briefly, is of the poor Yosef who afforded great honor to the Shabbos and spent his... Read more

    The 07 February 2013 by   Gldmeier
  • Can CDO-based Teens Find out About True Love? Yeah, If They Attend These.

    CDO-based Teens Find About True Love? Yeah, They Attend These.

    If you're a teen living in Cagayan de Oro (or you're like me, a parent of a teen), you need to check these  two events out.  Two great events that would teach o... Read more

    The 12 February 2013 by   Lessonsofadad
  • Rozabal – the Tomb of Jesus Christ(as)?

    Rozabal Tomb Jesus Christ(as)?

    It is a commonly-held belief among Christians and Muslims that Jesus(as) rose to heaven, and that his body was never buried. However, recent media coverage has... Read more

    The 12 February 2013 by   Kashifqdn


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