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Greater Than Gold

By Angelajennifer @Angelajj74

Greater than Gold                \
                                                   Waiting to receive Gods promises can be such an excruciating journey. We have all been through this at one time or another. Although its definitely not a fun place to be in, it is necessary to draw us nearer to God and help us to grow and mature in our faith. We are being transformed from glory to glory and each difficulty we face, each promise we hold tight to, propels us into a more intimate relationship with Christ. Although difficult, the time we spend waiting and believing for Gods word to come to pass is a precious.  

 I  can remember being disappointed  many times when I had prayed and asked God for something only to find every door seem to slam shut . As time passed, I could see his hand begin to work in that situation and the prayer was eventually answered. A delayed answer is not always a no. As I look back on many of those answered prayers I am amazed at what a work God did in me through the waiting. Faith...... It is a beautiful thing, its worth is far greater than that of Gold. 

*** Angela Jennifer***

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