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  • Newbury Calling

    Newbury Calling

    The shock of the newThe last time I posted on here it was on the eve of my final sermon in a church where I had served as Minister for 19 years. The service... Read more

    The 06 August 2016 by   Richardl
  • Who is Martin Luther?

    Martin Luther?

    This is the script of this morning's Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4's Today programme:I went into a bookshop last week to get a book I'd seen reviewed and,... Read more

    The 29 August 2016 by   Nicholas Baines
  • The Seven Most Historic Places to Visit in US

    Seven Most Historic Places Visit

    New York and Brooklyn are popularly known for their active night life and entertainment industry. But what many people miss out on their trip to these places... Read more

    The 10 August 2016 by   Robin Salvador
  • On All Fors


    A recurring themeThose of you who call into this blog regularly will recognise the image below. When I closed my office door in Teddington Baptist Church for th... Read more

    The 14 August 2016 by   Richardl
  • 30 Useful Travel Websites You Probably Never Heard Of

    Useful Travel Websites Probably Never Heard

    For Travel and Route Planning: 1. EZROADTRIPS Ezroadtrips is one of the best websites to map your itinerary and route for your next road trip. Read more

    The 24 August 2016 by   Robin Salvador
  • An Interfaith Family’s Call to Action

    Interfaith Family’s Call Action

    Today, I am honored to post a new essay from guest blogger Rorri Geller-Mohamed, who helped create the JewishMuslimFamilies facebook page. For more on Rorri, se... Read more

    The 08 August 2016 by   Susan Katz Miller
  • Fight Against Yeshivas Chochmei Lev Goes to Bayit Vegan

    Fight Against Yeshivas Chochmei Goes Bayit Vegan

    The fight against Chochmei Lev, the Haredi yeshiva high school in Jerusalem, has gone to another level with implicit threats of violence (though violence has... Read more

    The 04 August 2016 by   Gldmeier
  • 5 Reasons Why Business Class Flights Are Better Than First Class Flights

    Reasons Business Class Flights Better Than First

    Traveling is a hobby for some people and for some it is their profession that demands the same. Among the various means of traveling, flights have become the... Read more

    The 17 August 2016 by   Robin Salvador
  • In Recife, Brazil: The First Synagogue in the New World

    Recife, Brazil: First Synagogue World

    In honor of the Rio Olympics, I thought I would re-post this essay, written seven years ago, in the year I launched this blog. Read more

    The 04 August 2016 by   Susan Katz Miller
  • The Shallow Identity of Party Affiliation

    Shallow Identity Party Affiliation

    Last night we had dinner with some new friends. We have been connecting online for about two years, and finally had the opportunity to meet. The conversation... Read more

    The 04 August 2016 by   Marilyngardner5


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