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Put Fun Back into Your Marriage -- a Hasty pre-Valentine's Day Post

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad
It’s now February, and you know what that means…LOVEY DOVEY BLOG POSTS!!!
Put fun back into your marriage -- a hasty pre-Valentine's Day post I wish...
No, no, don’t get me wrong; my marriage is fine.  Thing is, I will not be able to write content-rich blog posts this month.  This is the busiest year I’ve ever had at work, and this would probably be the busiest month of the busiest year.
The next best thing I can do is to deliver marriage-related posts with audio content from one of my favorite sources, Focus on the Family.  The cool thing about these is you can just press play and you can do something else while listening, as it’s only audio, not video.
So here’s the first one of those.  Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we husbands have to think of something special for our wives.  I'm scheming to do something especially embarrassing for my wife this year (we take great joy in embarrassing each other every Feb. 14; it all started when I had flowers delivered to her right in the middle of class way back in college, giving specific instructions for the delivery boy to interrupt the professor’s lecture to give the flowers…and we’ve tried to get each other back ever since).
Thing is, the stress of everyday living, and plain and simple familiarity, can make even the mushiest of unions turn bland.  Valentine’s Day gives us husbands (well, the ones who care) a chance to reignite the flame of romance, if just for a day.
And so, allow me to share this audio clip to you, called “Injecting Fun Back Into Your Marriage.”  Listen and enjoy…so that you can enjoy your marriage.  If you want more resources, you can check the book list below the clip.  May you be blessed…and, exactly a week from now, go get her, Romeo!!
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