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Piers, Water Hills: Unplanned Cycling Adventure Paperblog Pick in Outdoors

Piers, Water and Hills: An Unplanned Cycling Adventure

Winter is the season that you tend to huddle up indoors, looking out grimly at the howling gale; but just occasionally you get out to have a little adventure. Read more

Adventurer Year Travels Streets Afghanistan Paperblog Pick in Outdoors

Nat Geo Adventurer Of The Year Travels The Streets Of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country that has been embroiled in turmoil and conflict for decades. Since the Russians invaded back in 1979, the nation has been at war in some form or another. Read more


  • Snowboard & Ski Bean; Jackets AW12

    Snowboard Bean; Jackets AW12

    The time of year has come when I'm gazing at snowboard gear and dreaming about the days on the slopes....that's right the snow season is coming! Read more

    The 19 November 2012 by   Annamoss84
  • Sailor Planning To Sail Around The World In A 10-Foot Boat

    Sailor Planning Sail Around World 10-Foot Boat

    I've covered a number of attempts to sail solo around the world over the past few years but this one really takes the cake. 73-year old Swedish sailor and boat... Read more

    The 09 November 2012 by   Kungfujedi
  • 5 Tips On How to Prepare for A Skiing Holiday

    Tips Prepare Skiing Holiday

    A skiing holiday is generally more complicated than other holiday trips. For one thing, skiing requires a certain degree of skill, and having a fun time in... Read more

    The 27 November 2012 by   Simplypiste
  • How to Choose a Snowboard

    Choose Snowboard

    If you love snowboarding and have decided that you want your own board, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. By following these simple... Read more

    The 13 November 2012 by   Simplypiste
  • Hatra: Exploring an Ancient City in Iraq

    Hatra: Exploring Ancient City Iraq

    I'm fortunate enough to get to meet and work with some very adventurous people. One of them is writer Sean McLachlan, who contributes regular travel and... Read more

    The 16 November 2012 by   Kungfujedi
  • Man Visits Every Country in the World -- Without Flying!

    Visits Every Country World Without Flying!

    According to this article from The Age, a British man has earned the distinction of becoming the first person to visit every nation on the planet without flying... Read more

    The 27 November 2012 by   Kungfujedi
  • Travel Guide | Lanuza, Surigao Del Sur

    Travel Guide Lanuza, Surigao

    Your Guide to Cheap and Affordable Surfing Looking for a cheap alternative destination to surf? Lanuza is your best choice. There's a lot to see and do in this... Read more

    The 17 November 2012 by   Synzmemoir
  • Guest Post: Whitewater Rafting with Crocodiles in Zimbabwe

    Guest Post: Whitewater Rafting with Crocodiles Zimbabwe

    Whitewater Rafting with Crocodiles in Zimbabwe If you have visions of clinging to the back of a 12 foot crocodile as you career down the mighty Zambezi, then... Read more

    The 28 November 2012 by   Exceedpossibility
  • Putting the “Fall” in Twin Falls, Idaho

    Putting “Fall” Twin Falls, Idaho

    I walked across the expanse of the Perrine bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, with the intention of photographing the beautiful gorge and the Snake River that serenel... Read more

    The 07 November 2012 by   Everywhereonce
  • 3 Top Spots For Group Skiing Holidays

    Spots Group Skiing Holidays

    Activity breaks are a great way of spending time with friends, and skiing is no exception. Challenging one another on the slopes is a fun way to bond, and the... Read more

    The 02 November 2012 by   Simplypiste


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