• Canadian Geomatics Jobs Blog http://gisjobs.ca/blog

    The Canadian Geomatics Jobs Blog at GISjobs.ca offers Canadians with advice and resources to help young people locate those hard to find jobs in GIS, remote sensing, cartography and surveying. The blog provides advice on where to find the jobs, how to get them and how to keep them.

  • Geomatics helps discover our world http://tmackinnon.com/

    Geomatics blog dealing with GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing & LIDAR. Includes various related projects, information, samples, stories and much more.

  • Canadian GIS http://canadiangis.com/

    CanadianGIS.com provides an online GIS resource to help promote Geomatics and to share the knowledge of this great industry with others

  • Environment Green http://www.environmentgreen.com/

    Our blog is a pretty simple green themed blog that my daughter inspired me to create. It includes a wide variety of info, articles, videos, books, photos, resources and lots of tips all related to the environment and what we can do to help preserve it for other generations.