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  • Blue-eyed Marys in the Forest

    Blue-eyed Marys Forest

    Blue-eyed Mary, Collinsia parviflora.The piƱon forests of the Great Basin lie in a great rain shadow. Air traveling east from the Pacific coast gets sucked... Read more

    The 02 September 2022 by   Hollis
  • Trees Are Our Silent Partners ... (tree-following)

    Trees Silent Partners (tree-following)

    "Trees are our silent partners, sensing us as we move about, providing shelter, offering us beauty, and nurturing and protecting the earth. Read more

    The 09 September 2022 by   Hollis
  • Haunted House Range

    Haunted House Range

    Camping in a Paleozoic sea in the House Range (#notvanlife).Last May I visited part of the great Paleozoic Sea that covered much of today's Great Basin for... Read more

    The 21 September 2022 by   Hollis

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