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No Chips for You!

By Slimshoppin @slimshoppin

soup nazi - no chips for you!~

One thing I’ve read over and over about making lifestyle changes stick, is you can’t change everything all at once. If you make gradual changes – it won’t seem so hard. My weigh in was Monday – I was down only .4 – BUT, it isn’t a gain either, so I’ve got that goin’ for me. So my weight loss since January is 14.8 – with a total since my highest weight of 25 pounds – not bad, but I still want to lose another 40.

I’ve been doing great, using my Koo-Dohz bracelet as a reminder to stay on track. I use it to remind me not to have 2nds at dinner, to work out a little harder, when there are temptations at work. – Koo-Dohz!

Right now, I am on the biggest hurdle I think so far….CHIPS! I love them, but I can’t stop at just one serving – and even if I count them as part of my daily calories, I really just need to for now, say adios! My question for you is, what do you replace it with? I still will have popcorn, which is better, but I’m looking for ideas when my husband and I are kicking back on the weekends, after the kids are asleep and watch our favorite recorded shows. I want to be able to nibble on something that won’t wreck my whole week of doing great!

Did everyone watch Biggest Loser this week? It was a great show. The remaining 5 people had makeovers and then got to go home for 2 weeks. This week the challenge to all contestants was if they lost 5% of their body weight in the 2 weeks they were home then EVERYONE got immunity. Of course they had to show how they handled going out to dinner, when other people they dined with were eating fattening things.

The best surprise was Joe. He came home and we found out he has an identical twin (just like me!). Joe’s twin has lost almost as much as Joe has since he’s been on the ranch – 95 pounds! They were a great motivator for each other.

The other person who I thought did great was Jackson. He is young, lives at home and when he opened his families fridge, he saw he couldn’t eat ANYTHING in there. So he sat his mom down, wrote a grocery list of what he could eat, and they went shopping to stock up on healthier things.

Now, I’m sure these people didn’t have to work and juggle their normal lives while they were home for the 2 weeks. But ALL of them lost at least 5% of their weight – we’re talking between 8-19 pounds for these people at week 9 and 10!

I think the biggest take on this weeks episode is that when you are trying to change your lifestyle, there is ALWAYS going to be things to de-rail you. Birthday parties, dinners out, work lunches, food at work, etc..but you can make better choices and if you keep doing it, it gets much easier. I should know, I’ve avoided all food at my office since the beginning of January and now when the e-mail goes out “cupcakes on the counter” or “leftovers from the luncheon” – I just delete the e-mail and keep moving on.

In exercise news, I mentioned that my family joined the local YMCA. On Saturday we went to an orientation of all the equipment (a requirement for our son Mark who is only 14) he couldn’t use the equipment until he completed the orientation. We learned a lot about all the different machines, the weight machines etc… and I’ve still in addition to going to the Y – I am still walking it to work every day – 3.6 miles total per day. In fact, yesterday it had snowed, so it wasn’t as slippery – I actually jogged some of the way home and this morning I almost jogged the whole way without stopping. Last year at this time I was about to run a half marathon and I jogged for 10 miles without stopping (except for drinks and bathroom breaks!). But once I stopped running after that, it’s starting from scratch again!


So I need your chip alternatives that work for you!

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