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College Pantry Ideas

By Slimshoppin @slimshoppin

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We are about to take our oldest back to school again tomorrow. He is 21 and living in an off campus apartment. He has 1 room mate – they each have their own bedroom, and share a furnished living room and a full kitchen!

A few weeks ago my son mentioned he didn’t get a meal card to get meals at various cafeterias on campus. (What?) He was just going to make his own food! I’m not nervous about him cooking – as the son of a food blogger he knows his way around a kitchen and is a great cook. My worry is about him getting busy with school and studying and not having food to eat. This past week I was thinking about what to get him to stock his pantry with things to get him started.

Here are some of my ideas:

Peanut butter – always good to eat out of the jar or on toast or frozen waffles
Big bag of rice – he can make a few servings and have it on hand to make a quick stir fry
Stir fry sauce – good with the cooked rice – add frozen veggies
Frozen waffles – super quick to toast on the go
Tortillas – can be stored in the freezer – make quesadillas
Chicken bouillon cubes – cheaper than chicken broth – add fresh or frozen veggies, pasta, water, can of tomato sauce and you have a quick soup
Mashed potatoes in a box – just add milk and water – can cook in microwave
Pasta – super inexpensive!
Canned diced tomatoes – add some spices and you have a great pasta sauce
Wheat bread/bagels – can store in freezer so they stay fresher
Bananas – a bunch of bananas is under a dollar and they are super filling
Granola- also easy to eat on the go, or add milk
Quick cooking oats – can be made with water
Jarred salsa – for chips and salsa
Eggs – super quick to make and you can add salsa and wrap in tortilla
Bag of baking potatoes – wash and cook, wrap in foil and bake at 425 for 1 hour.
Frozen fruit and frozen juice in a can – to a Magic Bullet add frozen fruit, a few tablespoons of frozen juice and water to make a quick smoothie
Microwave Popcorn
Frozen chicken tenders

Basic spices:
hot sauce
Italian seasoning
Chili powder
Pam Cooking Spray

Basic cookware:

Baby nonstick skillet
Medium sized pot with lid
colander to rinse fresh fruit and drain pasta
Wooden spoon

Tupperware to store leftovers
Gallon, quart and sandwich sized bags

Did you live in an apartment when you were in college – I’m curious what foods you made – or did you eat out a lot? That’s one thing I’m hoping my son can stay away from because that can get expensive real quick!

It’s such an exciting time!! I’m super proud of him and I love being able to help him get set up in his new apartment.

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