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  • Snow, Wind, & Blood.

    Snow, Wind, Blood.

    I am uncertain how cold it gets in Siberia, but I do know that as of now in the U.S. Midwest that it is getting frigidly dangerously cold. Read more

    The 05 January 2014 by   Jamesswezey
  • #1,244. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

    #1,244. Lord Rings: Towers (2002)

    Directed By: Peter JacksonStarring: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Viggo MortensenTag line: "The Journey Continues December 18th"Trivia: Elijah Wood's real-life... Read more

    The 11 January 2014 by   Dvdinfatuation
  • 20 Favourite First-watches of 2013

    Favourite First-watches 2013

    I saw 256 films in 2013. 21 of them were re-watches. 49 of them were 2013 films and 20 from 2012 which I saw in first two months. 2012 movies got their due... Read more

    The 05 January 2014 by   Shantanu Ghumare
  • Much Ado About ... My Weekend

    Much About Weekend

    It's been long since I last did so many different things in only one weekend! But this weekend has truly been pretty busy and special.On Saturday morning I was... Read more

    The 27 January 2014 by   Mariagrazia
  • Top 10 – Films I Caught Up With In 2013

    Films Caught With 2013

    Back for the second year looking at the top 10 films I am now pleased to add to my watched list. It may surprise you that some of the films on this list I only... Read more

    The 07 January 2014 by   Caz
  • So, Wait, Why Was Sleepy Hollow’s First Season Only 13 Episodes Long?

    Wait, Sleepy Hollow’s First Season Only Episodes Long?

    Sleepy Hollow‘s first season finished last night with a typically crazy-town bonkers two-parter, capping off a ridiculously successful first season which... Read more

    The 21 January 2014 by
  • Wake in Fright (1971)

    Wake Fright (1971)

    To be perfectly honest, I found "Wake in Fright," the chronicle of a man's financial and spiritual ruin in the outback of Australia, to be dull, uninvolving, an... Read more

    The 24 January 2014 by   Quirkybibliophile
  • Yevadu To Annihilate 1 Nenokkadine In Ceded

    Yevadu Annihilate Nenokkadine Ceded

    BUY NOW! Atharintiki Daredi Official [email protected] Enjoy reading on your Smartphones. Download the FREE App right now. Read more

    The 09 January 2014 by   Cinecorn
  • A Touch of Lubitsch - Tuesday on TCM

    Touch Lubitsch Tuesday

    Beginning at 6:15 am Eastern/3:15 am Pacific on Tuesday, January 28, Turner Classic Movies will treat its viewers to thirteen hours of "The Lubitsch Touch"... Read more

    The 26 January 2014 by   Lady Eve
  • Mini Review: Hell Ride (2008)

    Mini Review: Hell Ride (2008)

    by Steve HabratIn 1966, Roger Corman’s American Internation Pictures (AIP) released The Wild Angels, an outlaw biker gang movie that gave birth to a brand new... Read more

    The 22 January 2014 by   Flyboysteve87


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