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Draft Day: Trailer Preview

Posted on the 06 January 2014 by Rukhaiyaaramrit
I love the sports genre, every time there is a sports film announced, the movie enthusiast in me gets excited and prepares itself by watching and re-watching some of the greatest sports films. I particularly love it, sports film never disappointed me, whatever I have seen, I liked them all, and loved most of them. 
Now, this year can be a real treat for someone who loves cinema from the sports genre, because there is going to be two big releases in the sports genre in the months of April and May. I am gonna talk about the one which is going to release earlier. Draft Day: Trailer Preview
This film is called Draft Day. Kevin Costner is back with another sports film, he shifts his focus from Baseball to American Football this time. It is about the struggle, Sonny Weaver, the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns does to acquire the number one draft pick for his team. Sonny appears to be kind of a maverick, who has his stubborn but productive ways with the team. The cast includes Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Tom Welling, Denis Leary and Frank Langella.  Jennifer Garner is perhaps Kevin's love interest. Denis Leary plays the role for the coach of the club and Frank is playing the role of Harvey Molina, who owns the team. There is some cool soundtrack, the music is composed by John Debney. The trailer looks neat and I have big hopes from this film. This film is directed by Ivan Reitman and is set to a release for April 2014.  Tomorrow, there will be another trailer preview for the bigger sports film, which I am most excited about. -Amrit Rukhaiyaar

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