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Snow, Wind, & Blood.

Posted on the 05 January 2014 by Jamesswezey
Snow, Wind, & Blood.I am uncertain how cold it gets in Siberia, but I do know that as of now in the U.S. Midwest that it is getting frigidly dangerously cold. Apparently in some parts of Wisconsin people are talking about the wind chill being as low as -40 degrees F. Mounds of snow are everywhere, and it is just so doggone cold! We're in for an arctic apocalypse, although the weather people say that it will last for only a couple of days, but they also reported that there would scattered snow showers today, not that it would heavily blow and snow all day long. Happy New Year, by the way. For me so far the new year hasn't really been that promising. Work has been stressful because the company big whigs believe that my department aren't doing a good enough job (which is a load of crap) and thus they are going to lite a fire under us in order to motivate us; think Lord Vader visiting the Death Star to motivate the workers. I can't say that the news has been that good either, domestic or international. I don't know if it is because I am getting older and am seeing less good in the world, or if with every passing day there is in fact less good in the world, but it is certainly a drag on reality and I don't even get the worst of it. In my field of work I am constantly reminded of humanity's penchant for evil, yet I can't imagine what takes place in central Africa or in North Korea to name a few. Tonight I watched the film There Will be Blood starring Daniel Day Lewis, which was the only reason why I watched it, and honestly there is no other reason to watch the film. If wasn't for that very talented man playing that role, then the film would have been boring beyond imagination. The film is essentially about this man who makes it as an oil tycoon back in the early 1900's in the U.S. I don't really know how else to describe it other than that. The only other role/character that really stood out what this psycho crazy preacher who had an ego larger than Nero. The only other cast member from the film that I recognized was Ciarin Hinds, who has such a tiny role that was flatter than flat; very disappointing. The film had pretty good cinematography, but the music was either good or immeasurably agitating to my ears, and the writing had good potential, but it never seemed to go anywhere beyond the surface of the characters, even though it occasionally touched upon a few moments of depth ever so briefly. I will give it a "Yearning Ability," and the only reason why it gets that is because of Daniel Day-Lewis' awesome performance as he continues to demonstrate how alive he can bring his characters on the screen to life. The Newsroom is beginning to disappoint unfortunately due to some rather shoddy writing and character crafting, which is odd for Aaron Sorkin, but in some regards the writing and characters do resemble The West Wing to a growing degree. Jeff Daniels continues to be the best part of that show, although Sam Waterson is a great addition and so far a small cameo by Jane Fonda, which hopefully she will return. Good night everyone, and try not to freeze, or if that be something you need not worry about, than try not to roast, although a good heat wave would be welcome over here in the frozen tundra.
There Will Be Blood film clip
The Grand Budapest Hotel trailer (it seems like it will be quite humorous, but who knows; the cast looks completely awesome).

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