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  • Sunny Delight

    Sunny Delight

    The sun is shining and we are getting so much closer to spring!!! Of course we have to bring some of that spring cheer through our blooms. A centerpiece designe... Read more

    The 25 February 2014 by   Botanicart
  • The Greenhouse Year – February 2014

    Greenhouse Year February 2014

    As part of January’s End of Month View post I suggested that I might do a monthly post on my greenhouse. I don’t think greenhouses get much coverage anywhere... Read more

    The 20 February 2014 by   Patientgardener
  • Garden Bloggers Foliage Day – February Foliage

    Garden Bloggers Foliage February

    Gosh I am on a roll!  Having not written anything on the blog for three months, all of a sudden I have found things to blog about again. Read more

    The 23 February 2014 by   Ronniejt28
  • One Day in New York City

    York City

    We interrupt this garden blog for a story about one couple's love for the Big Apple ...My wife and I have an annual tradition where we spend one night in New... Read more

    The 20 February 2014 by   John Markowski
  • Still Here, Still Gardening

    Still Here, Gardening

    Or at least, I’ve been gardening as much as I possibly can.A new pond on the west lawnIt is still very, very wet here in Sussex – I can’t do as much as I’d... Read more

    The 08 February 2014 by   David Marsden
  • End of Month View – February 2014

    Month View February 2014

    After the delights of Wisley at the start of the week it is hard not to feel disillusioned when I look at my own garden.  I have to remind myself that I work... Read more

    The 28 February 2014 by   Patientgardener
  • Berberis Chitria

    Berberis Chitria

    (30/12/2013, Kew Gardens, London)Position: Full sun to partial shadeFlowering period: Early summerSoil: Moist, well drainedEventual Height: 4mEventual Spread:... Read more

    The 04 February 2014 by   Davis Landscape Architecture
  • Hyacinths on the Move

    Hyacinths Move

    I had heard Hyacinths were easy to force (bloom indoors in mid winter) and I happen to have had some on hand this fall for the first time, so on November 20th... Read more

    The 17 February 2014 by   Dyarnell
  • Gaultheria Shallon

    Gaultheria Shallon

    (02/02/2014, Kew Gardens, London)Position: Full sun to shadeFlowering period: Late springSoil: Moist, well drained, acidicEventual Height: 1.2mEventual Spread:... Read more

    The 20 February 2014 by   Davis Landscape Architecture
  • Mimosa Misery

    Mimosa Misery

    My poor mimosa is not enjoying this wet and windy weather. In previous years it has bloomed happily even when its branches have been laden with snow, but these... Read more

    The 06 February 2014 by   Danielcarruthers


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