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By Stephanie
I was feeling under the weather for two weeks. The flu is still bugging me and the unusual dry spell is not ending any sooner. To make matters worse the sky seems blocked as the haze is back!
Though the plants in the garden have to thrive harder for their leaves and flowers to flourish, some are doing ok. Here are some of my favourites...Last week, many blooms emerged from my bougainvillea. They seems more pink than usual, making the shrub looks so bright and cheerful. However I would have loved it more if the shape of the top was rounder. Also I think a cat has climbed on it earlier. A branch seems to be bending down to the pot below and the bougainvillea looks a bit distorted...Hot FavouritesHere are some of my kalanchoes. On the left in the pic below is the Kalanchoe orgyalis. Love the colour! Next to it (on the right) is Kalanchoe tomentosa. I really like its hairy texture ;-)Hot FavouritesThe other kalanchoe is Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi, commonly known as Lavender Scallop. I used to have a rare variegated type as well. Now I only have this all blueish-green type...Hot FavouritesMy pot of Amaranth Perfect Red or Red Chinese Spinach has some plants ready to be harvested again! Dug them out to cook. The leaves though were not as red as previous harvest, but they are still yummy :-)Hot FavouritesThe Podocarpus plant that is growing in my little fairy garden has grown much bigger. How I wish it will stay small longer all the time... sigh :-(Hot FavouritesGomphrena (Red) is the latest addition to the garden. The plant grew so lanky that it fell over the side of its pot. Hot FavouritesA new home for my marimos... yay!Hot FavouritesPink is in! Lots of pink blooms showed up from my Verbena and also Gypsophila. They appeared just around the same time as those Bougainvillea blooms. Oh, perfect timing :-DHot Favourites
Meanwhile, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a super heavy rain. Here is wishing you beautiful weather :-)

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