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The Online Plant Orders Are in

By John Markowski @jmarkowski0

The catalogs have been studied. 

Available space in my yard has been analyzed.
A personal self evaluation has been conducted. 

The budget has been fine tuned.
And then all of that analysis was thrown out the window and I just went with what looked cool.
Without further ado, here is a list of the plants that have been purchased:
From Bluestone Perennials:
Rhamnus 'Fine Line' - I like the unique texture and its role as a "narrow vertical accent". Deer resistant? We'll see:      
The online plant orders are in
Viburnum 'Brandywine' - All about those multi-colored berries:   
The online plant orders are in
Viburnum "All That Glitters" and "All that Glows": Love viburnums, love the glossy foliage and hoping to see some berry production by planting them close to each other:
The online plant orders are in
Pennisetum 'Desert Plains' - Intrigued by the blooms and truthfully, they were also on sale:    
The online plant orders are in
 Ilex 'Mr. Poppins' and 'Berry Poppins' - Male and female dwarf options and yet again, my desire to get me some berries in winter.
From Digging Dog Nursery:
Andropogon gerardii - I've been meaning to add these for a while now and I was sold by their ability to transition to the meadow at the back of my property: 
The online plant orders are in
Bouteloua 'Blonde Ambition' - All about the seed heads on this one.
Helictotrichon 'Sapphire Fountain' - I have a goal to acquire more "cool season" grasses and this one fits the bill. Also love the blue color.
Molinia 'Cordoba' - "Boldly architectural" and already in love with my 'Skyracer'.
Panicum 'Warrior' - I will collect each and every available Panicum.
From Klehm's Song Sparrow:
Andropogon 'Red October' - Have you seen that color?:
The online plant orders are in
Schizachyrium 'Blue Heaven' - Steel blue with purple highlights is too intriguing not to give it a whirl: 
The online plant orders are in
And there you have it. Please refrain from any negative comments about any of these plants so I do not have to suffer from buyer's remorse over the next few months.
Mucho appreciated.

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