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Brassicas, Sun & Raspberries.

It’s been great having a bit of time off work especially that the weather has been so kind to me, I was able to get down the plot a fair bit. Most of the planting in now done with... Read more


  • The Scourge of Alien Invasive Plants

    Scourge Alien Invasive Plants

    In Ireland I was struck by the ubiquity of non-native plants in the Irish countryside. It took me a while to realise that the lush green grass that lined... Read more

    The 27 June 2013 by   Danielcarruthers
  • The Great Pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show

    Great Pavilion Chelsea Flower Show

    My final post on the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show, it seems like a long time ago now, nearly a whole two weeks have passed and already eyes are turning to the next... Read more

    The 02 June 2013 by   Ozhene
  • Plant of the Week: Rosa Hugonis

    Plant Week: Rosa Hugonis

    Rosa hugonis (18/05/2013, Kew Gardens, London)Position: Full sun to light shadeFlowering period: Early summerSoil: Moist, well drainedEventual Height:... Read more

    The 09 June 2013 by   Davis Landscape Architecture
  • Flowers in My Garden: 3 June 2013

    Flowers Garden: June 2013

    It is the 3rd June and we are in for the hottest week of the year so far. The garden is bathed in sunshine and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Read more

    The 03 June 2013 by   Ronniejt28
  • Acer Pseudoplatanus ‘Brilliantissimum’

    Acer Pseudoplatanus ‘Brilliantissimum’

    (18/05/2013, Kew Gardens, London)Position: Full sun to light shadeFlowering period: Early springSoil: Moist, well drainedEventual Height: 8mEventual Spread:... Read more

    The 08 June 2013 by   Davis Landscape Architecture
  • WEEKEND FLOWERS - Flowering Trees

    WEEKEND FLOWERS Flowering Trees

    Regular readers know this is our first spring in our new home. Each day there are new surprises like daylilies in the Moon Garden and a sprinkling of peonies... Read more

    The 02 June 2013 by   Dyarnell
  • Postcard from Cornwall 3: St Michael’s Mount

    Postcard from Cornwall Michael’s Mount

    I can’t remember when I first became aware of the existence of St Michael’s Mount but it was a long time ago. It spoke to my child’s imagination and curiosity. Read more

    The 04 June 2013 by   Patientgardener
  • Peter Beales Roses Win Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show

    Peter Beales Roses Gold Chelsea Flower Show

    A flower company, which was started by a man who grew roses for the queen, has won gold at the 100th Chelsea Flower Show. The gold is the 20th the company have... Read more

    The 05 June 2013 by   Simon Crowther
  • Jungle Hut


    Half way down the garden is our jungle hut, marking the entrance into the jungle end of the garden. Originally a large shed we added the porch area on the... Read more

    The 26 June 2013 by   Alternativeeden
  • Peonies & Nigella

    Peonies Nigella

    Working on a Sunday is not that bad when I am surrounded by such beautiful peonies. Oh you should see the fabulous arrangements for tomorrow’s photo-shoot. But... Read more

    The 16 June 2013 by   Botanicart


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