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IAEA Experts: ‘Fast Reactors Would Able Provide Energy Thousands Years’ Paperblog Pick in Environment

IAEA Experts: ‘Fast Reactors Would Be Able to Provide Energy for Thousands of Years’

Superphénix (Creys-Malville, Isère, France), the last fast breeder reactor operating in Europe for electricity production. It was shut down in 1998 due to political pressure.... Read more

Shell Consortium Gets 25-year Export Licence Paperblog Pick in Environment

Shell Consortium Gets Nod for 25-year LNG Export Licence

From Warrior Publications The Canadian Press, Feb 25, 2013The federal government has approved a 25-year export licence for shipping liquefied natural gas from a West Coast... Read more


  • Trains Will Move Tar Sands Oil, If Keystone XL Doesn’t

    Trains Will Move Sands Oil, Keystone Doesn’t

    by Eve Troeh / Marketplace.org Members of the French underground sabotage German supply lines by blasting trains The State Department’s latest environmental... Read more

    The 19 March 2013 by   Earth First! Newswire
  • Featured Animal: Ocelot

    Featured Animal: Ocelot

    Ocelot Classification and Evolution The Ocelot is a medium-sized small cat that is native to the jungles of South America. The Ocelot is also known as the... Read more

    The 16 March 2013 by   Azanimals
  • UK Welcomes First Solar Glass Petrol Station Canopy

    Welcomes First Solar Glass Petrol Station Canopy

    A SUPERMARKET petrol canopy in Southampton is to be built using groundbreaking solar glass, for the first time ever in the UK. Read more

    The 19 March 2013 by   Ecoexperts
  • News from the Hyaena’s Mouth: Part 3

    News from Hyaena’s Mouth: Part

    So there is one last exciting tidbit of hyaena related news…On March 7th we caught and collared a second brown hyaena, a male called Chomma. Chomma means... Read more

    The 14 March 2013 by   Iratemonkey
  • Hot Topics in Ecology

    Topics Ecology

    Just a short one today to highlight a new1 endeavour by the Ecological Society of Australia.Ecological societies around the world (e.g. Read more

    The 05 March 2013 by   Bradshaw
  • Stunning Tiger

    Stunning Tiger

    Every year the National Geographic has a photo contest and this years winner (in the categories Grand-Winner and also Nature) is Ashley Vincent with this... Read more

    The 15 March 2013 by   Thewritefuture
  • The Penan Blockade Against a New Gas Pipeline in Borneo

    Penan Blockade Against Pipeline Borneo

    from Survival InternationalThe Penan in Long Seridan are protesting against the building of a gas pipeline which is cutting through their ancestral land. Read more

    The 22 March 2013 by   Earth First! Newswire
  • Bat-eating Spiders Are Everywhere (except Antarctica)

    Bat-eating Spiders Everywhere (except Antarctica)

    by Robert T. Gonzalez / Io9Today in nightmare fuel: scientists now believe bat-eating spiders to be more widely distributed around the globe than previously... Read more

    The 19 March 2013 by   Earth First! Newswire
  • Featured Animal: Zorse

    Featured Animal: Zorse

    Zorse Classification and Evolution The Zorse is one of a number of equine hybrids that are known as Zebroids, which is the name given to an equine hybrid that... Read more

    The 19 March 2013 by   Azanimals
  • The Tiger: An Ecology of Teeth, the Anthropocene and Wild Revenge

    Tiger: Ecology Teeth, Anthropocene Wild Revenge

    illustration by becka rankinreview by Russ McSpaddenThere’s just something about a good tale of animal revenge: Moby Dick dragging the wretched Captain Ahab... Read more

    The 22 March 2013 by   Earth First! Newswire