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President Obama Announces EV-EVerywhere Challenge Paperblog Pick in Environment

President Obama Announces EV-EVerywhere Challenge

Earlier this month while in North Carolina, President Obama kicked off “EV-EVerywhere”, the second step in the Energy Department’s “Clean Energy Grand Challenges.” According to... Read more

Stroll Through Amazonian Rainforest Your Desktop; Good Bad? Paperblog Pick in Environment

You Can Now Stroll Through Amazonian Rainforest on Your Desktop; Good Or Bad?

What do you all think of this? Google Maps now takes you into the heart of the Amazon rainforest. My reaction is split: 1) Great! I’ve always been interested in learning more... Read more


  • MIT Study Details Future of Grid and Renewable Energy

    Study Details Future Grid Renewable Energy

    A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) looked at what it deemed as “One of the most important emerging challenges facing the grid . ... Read more

    The 13 March 2012 by   2ndgreenrevolution
  • The Oakland Zoo: New Baby Giraffe!

    Oakland Zoo: Baby Giraffe!

    Maggie, two-month old reticulated giraffe at the Oakland ZooTrips to the zoo are a favorite outing with my grandchildren and an excuse for me to go to one of... Read more

    The 19 March 2012 by   Carolinearnoldtravel
  • The Costs of Wind Energy for Washington State

    Costs Wind Energy Washington State

    Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.The exploitation of wind as an energy resource in Washington State has exploded over the last decade. Read more

    The 10 March 2012 by   Realizingresonance
  • Eagle Sports Logo Enhancement

    Eagle Sports Logo Enhancement

    Eagle Sports is a sporting equipment distribution company that has been operating since 1984. Their website, catalogues and logo were all very outdated, so we... Read more

    The 02 March 2012 by   Shadesofgreen
  • Featured Animal: Spectacled Bear

    Featured Animal: Spectacled Bear

    The spectacled bear is also known as the Andean bear, mainly because the spectacled bear is native to the Andes mountain range of South America. The spectacled... Read more

    The 21 March 2012 by   Azanimals
  • Run Your Washing Machine on Rainwater

    Your Washing Machine Rainwater

    For World Water Day I am going to explain how to connect your washing machine to a rainwater tank, (see my previous post on how to set up a rainwater tank). Read more

    The 22 March 2012 by   Lisacollins
  • Featured Article: Horse and Dog Wormers

    Featured Article: Horse Wormers

    It is always important to keep your animals free of parasites that harm them and deworming regularly is the best way to do this. There are many brands out... Read more

    The 23 March 2012 by   Azanimals
  • Featured Animal: Lynx

    Featured Animal: Lynx

    The lynx is a member of the cat family and one of the bigger felines of North America. Lynx are best known for their short stubby tails and the long tufts of... Read more

    The 11 March 2012 by   Azanimals
  • 2012 World Water Day

    2012 World Water

    Click on image to enlarge poster. Today is World Water Day and EnvironmentGreen.com hopes that you will help us raise awareness about the need to protect water... Read more

    The 22 March 2012 by   T_mackinnon
  • Five Things You Thought Were Trash

    Five Things Thought Were Trash

    Five of the Most Reusable Household Items Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These are the three “Rs” of a better environment. Many people may try to reduce the use of... Read more

    The 25 March 2012 by   Karlaew1