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  • Beyond Heaven and Hell: Preaching Hope to Children of Dust

    Beyond Heaven Hell: Preaching Hope Children Dust

    One day, I tell my patients, God is going to straighten everything that’s crooked, mend everything that’s broken, heal everything that’s sick and wipe every tea... Read more

    The 03 April 2020 by   Alanbean
  • This is the Perfect Time to Make Curtis Flowers a Free Man

    Fitch must decide whether she wants to walk away from this mess now (when her decision will be buried on page B16) or wait until the pandemic is old news and... Read more

    The 05 April 2020 by   Alanbean
  • The Pestilence That Stalks in Darkness: God and Covid-19

    Pestilence That Stalks Darkness: Covid-19

    Is COVID-19 God’s punishment for gay marriage and abortion? Perry Stone, a Cleveland televangelist thinks so. Or maybe, with Billy Prewitt, author of The... Read more

    The 10 April 2020 by   Alanbean
  • Resurrection Ain’t Natural

    Resurrection Ain’t Natural

    Jesus was dead and buried; his life was finished and done with.  No rhythm of nature, no innate capacity for humanness, could return him from the grave. Read more

    The 12 April 2020 by   Alanbean
  • I Can't Believe the Dumbocrats Are Running Biden Part 2

    Can't Believe Dumbocrats Running Biden Part

    Running Biden demonstrates that the Dumbocrats learned nothing in 2016. One of the reason they lost in 2016 was that Clinton didn't campaign in the "close"... Read more

    The 13 April 2020 by   Doggone
  • Drifter Merch’s Corona Couch Tour Series

    Drifter Merch’s Corona Couch Tour Series

    Drifter Merch, a leader in the music-inspired apparel industy, is kicking off a new online live music series this week called Corona Couch Tour: The Music... Read more

    The 01 April 2020 by   Dltmontana
  • First Do No Harm!

    First Harm!

    PURPOSEThe purpose of this post is to describe the similarities and differences between the symptoms and diagnostics that might be used to distinguish between... Read more

    The 16 April 2020 by   Rvbadalam
  • Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

    Last Night Strangest Dream

    I ever dreamed before I dreamed the world had all agreed To be stupid and even more I dreamed I saw a mighty room The room was filled with men And the paper the... Read more

    The 19 April 2020 by   Markwadsworth
  • No, COVID-19 Isn't Like the Flu

    COVID-19 Isn't Like

    Anti-Quarantine Protest in Olympia, Washington“When enough insane people scream in harmony that they really are healthy, they can actually start to believe... Read more

    The 20 April 2020 by   Rvbadalam
  • Home Alone but Not So

    Home Alone

    By Isis Win My previous message speaks about being alone and no place to go. That’s true, but it is not. I have several rooms where to go. Some dark ones some... Read more

    The 22 April 2020 by   Isiswin


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