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I Can't Believe the Dumbocrats Are Running Biden Part 2

Posted on the 13 April 2020 by Doggone
I can't believe the Dumbocrats are running Biden Part 2 Running Biden demonstrates that the Dumbocrats learned nothing in 2016. One of the reason they lost in 2016 was that Clinton didn't campaign in the "close" states (MI, PA, and WI). Running a candidate who is absent is sure to be a losing strategy.
Also, no word from Burisma Holdings with a job offer. it's no surprise that my Ukrainian connection doesn't carry as much weight as being the son of the US vice president. I did tell Rep. Madeline Dean repeatedly about this connection, but she voted party line rather than reality.
I also said that they were prosecuting the wrong person by going after Trump. Ukraine is a cess pit of corruption.
Anyway,Hidin' Biden is going to be a loser no matter how bad Trump is: Biden is much worse.

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