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Now, What?

Posted on the 26 April 2020 by Isiswin @Isis_Win

By Isis Win          1216 words


I have been in a beautiful town in Mexico called Valle de Bravo. the lake you see in some of my recent photos is filled by the series of mountains that surround the town. There is a dam that releases daily large amounts of the daily collection of water. This photo is from the #1 run of water called Bride’s Veil. it is huge and powerful. the boulder you see in front is the size of a car and this section is only one third of the waterfall.

We have a pandemic threat that threatens life by the millions, and no one, absolutely no one is safe – if contaminated. No country in the world will be spare at this point. There is a belief that wealthy people will be safe if resourcing to their wealthy toys such as their yacht, mountain retreat, private island, even the shelter they built in case of a threat of this caliber. No one – read; no one will be spared. The wealthy will have to deal with the loss, massive loss of their wealth, and see how they can manage a new order that never was planned.

This issue is like an onion. Layer after layer to get to the core of the issue. There is no way to jump into the center and tackle the issue for good. A simple way to look at it is = this is a global issue that deeply depends on the reaction not just from others but everyone. Another layer is how we can achieve our desired goals considering that this threat is changing since the starting point, our world as we remember. Nothing can remain as it was while the crisis still exists. Just a tad of knowledge reveals that this will not be a short-lived crisis, and upcoming layers will provide us the possible landscape in our future.

Another layer is what is going on inside of each of us and how we process the discoveries we make, if we are prone to process our inner thoughts, feelings and arrive at the habits we have developed over the years and check what works and not, we found a great start. This change undeniably forces us to go along the changes, whether we want to or not. How do we adjust is the grand question.

Like most today, I talk to a lot of people daily and learn about their views.  Like how do they get informed? How are they coping with the lockdown? How are they feeling about not knowing for sure if their job will still be there because their employer may not survive the financial impact of the lockdown? How are they going to deal with money to support themselves – perhaps others? In general, I talk to them about what is and what to expect.

Frankly, I am surprised that so many are clueless about what is happening and how they can integrate their life to this unexpected order. I know many will be caught by the surprising results when we end this crisis. Maybe time will hook them into getting into the loop, but time matters a lot. As time mattered about how fast and deliberate we reacted to this threat. I can say we flunk in the USA. And still, we are not moving in the necessary direction. Such as having extensive testing, bringing the needed resources in case the release of the confinement people creates another spike (more beds, equipment, health workers, etc.) so can deal with the new issue. Another layer of the onion that we should be prepared before we open anything.

The inner part is a tricky one. With more than 40 years of experience and knowledge about the psychological well-being of men or lack of thereof, I am worried about this layer. Furthermore, by looking at some of the public response about the situation. There are so many layers in this case. Such as disregarding the needed measures to avoid contagion and further spread, the focusing on idiotic theories about where, when, how, etc. this disease comes and a direct culprit of it. On that, so many people, including Trump’s blame of China. The responsibility started by the fact that their authorities aimed to halt a possible panic that most likely would push people to run everywhere and further spread the disease. As well that they were caught by surprise as the rest of the world, and they believed having the situation under control. Later, they attempted to stop the spread of any information that could trigger the mentioned effects. The scientific world report clearly states that the Chinese dealt with the problem properly. There could be better, but they were not because they did not care or were irresponsible, the severity and complications of the issue brought the Chinese mistakes. Same with the World Health Organization (WHO). Their place in the matter involved perhaps hundreds of layers, and they were imperfect. Again, possible a thing or two could be added, but the severity of the issue mostly only allowed them to focus on specifics that were at the time more important.

Now, us, you and I, and the rest. Considering once this is over, we are going to feel, think, and live as we remember, but that is simply unrealistic. The external factors are of extreme importance; at this level, they are irrelevant because the true solutions to the impending effects can only be managed internally in a predictable way. Adjusting is the trick. I do not know how others can process information, but I know that inside of me, I read a message that describes a radical change of lifestyle. Not because my lifestyle is wrong, but my lifestyle will not meld with the upcoming reality. However, I reckon that for a long time now, I have seeing cues about elements of my lifestyle that were not proper/good considering what has been going on with the planet, our country, and large numbers of our people. But do not take me very seriously because maybe I am too much of an introvert, and I always rely on the dialectics of the method to make sure what I am thinking results in an accurate and realistic outcome.

My inner side: On the other hand, I experience sadness by looking at what is right in front of my nose. But on the other one, I feel grateful that this painful experience is forcing me to look into what in the past; I simply glanced and did not do much about it. However, there is one part that changed in myself since I started to discover this. The way I felt and reciprocated to what truly matters not just in my life but this entire physical presence of mine. My feelings of love and gratitude grew tremendously, and the concept of being loved or not – vanished – to loving everything I see, think, perceive, and I am deeply grateful for all of it. In other words, I learned the key to focus entirely in within, make the needed changes there, and I find true and credible harmony in all. Including in this crisis that somehow I knew it was possible to happen anytime, and I feared it could during my lifetime.

OK, we are at the beginning of it, and I am coping with it properly, and believe me, it produces deep sadness in myself, but the result is I am learning the lesson enclosed, and I am acting to the best of my ability. I hope everyone is in that place, keeping themselves safe and finding the teachings of this crisis by dealing with their inner parts and contributing to the well-being of others that are in a much more difficult place. It is the perfect time for that.

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