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Posted on the 23 April 2020 by Isiswin @Isis_Win

By Isis Win         1636 words

We are passing through a major threat that not only can kill millions of people if it does not stop but as well it is changing the makeup of our recent order, globality. The threat is real, and sadly we know so little about it that it makes lots of room for speculation. That speculation is showing the true colors of loads of people that developed conspiracy theories and are broadcasting them as facts that mostly enhance the level of fear and concern of a fragile world that sees chaos and places a harsh pun in them. It is hard, very hard to accept the truths revealed by this situation. It is harder to focus on that reality and figure that we have to develop a tool of improvisation to adapt to the consequences of this crisis.

The emotional result of this tragedy is not exclusive to this threat. For decades and decades, regimes that have ruled our societies and placed their boot on our diminish consciousness about the real situation. The images provided and the narrative that we heard coming from all directions taking us away from reality. Reason so many unscrupulous minds are dispersing ideas full of holes about the crisis being the creation of the hand of man for some dark purposes. Recent theories that create fear and places Trump as the only possible savior of our country, this crisis is not political. Still, we can assume it is an action under that umbrella, distracting us from the real elements that we need to tackle now. We cannot wait much because from the little we know, every single contaminated person in the company of others, will multiply the spread by a factor of 3x.

It is hard to grasp that this crisis will not end even by the end of this year. Even after the last case is confirmed and confirmed, we are going to have to deal with the secondary damages, such as high unemployment, bad economy, lack of production of essential items, and the possibilities of surviving all those. I hate to be writing this because it really sounds alarmist, but I am not aiming nor wanting to do such; the contrary. I am simply presenting the reliable data that has been confirmed by qualified people and using my intuition guided by that data. Let us accept that this crisis will not be over before the end of the summer. Instead, let us prepare for the possible outcome, so it does not get us by surprise as this pandemic had done.

Social distancing and quarantine are or should be mandatory. The number one element to halt this crisis is to stop the spread. Later, if we all could be responsible, disciplined, and strong, we can follow the mechanisms to start safely rolling the wheel. I fear we are not even close to that. Judging by the reaction of millions of us that refuse the quarantine and social distancing, I believe that we are not ready to reduce the impact of the situation. Part of my thinking of what possibly may slow down the threat and start the return to move our people, economy, and hope is: Having true testing available can determine who can break the reclusion safely. Non-infected people receive official credentials to return to work while infected people remain quarantined. I doubt opening gyms, theaters, clubs, and most service outlets does work in this scenario. Vital businesses that provide the needed support to those in their homes should be open. Everyone, absolutely everyone going out, should have the proper protection in case there is a possibility of acquiring the disease while out. Those in the liberty to go out should become part of the support team to help those enclosed. So no one passes hunger or thirst. In the meanwhile, qualified scientific groups aiding the sick and researching the possible destruction of the virus and develop the treatment should receive Carte Blanch to avoid further life loss and develop a vaccine if possible. That will maintain the precarious order of today but will avoid continuing the escalation of the crisis. Huh! That requires having true humanistic leaders removed from their personal interests. Do we have any with the mind, heart, and knowledge to do that? I have no idea myself, but among the billions of people on our planet one, two, three, and more should exist! I cannot disregard that everyone will have material losses, either money or property. The wealthy should pitch in the most, allowing the middle class and lower to have a chance to return to a decent life.

I split the core of this crisis in two parts: The first one: the virus and the consequences that such creates. The number two is leadership. I place any feelings and thoughts I have about our political order in our government for this comment way apart. Yet, reality shows that we do not have a real leader, and that person – without a doubt – does not think of us, the people, but the gains that any situation presents. The same reality shows us that everyone without exception should bite the bullet to lighten the effect of our crisis. No winner will come out of this but being alive and having a new chance to straighten their act for good. Is that a gain? No one will be exempt from the tribulations to be faced as is and the ones resulted from the potential consequences. That is the place where my heart and mind get so convoluted. On one side, it is painful, stressful on the other one; there is a large sector of our population that is not willing to give anything to soften the problem. Ironically, it is believed to them to be a sort of political element. That will make the crisis larger, deeper, and longer.

THE UNDENIABLE FACTOR: So we need to stop the spread, we need to save more lives, we need to lighten the load from the financial result, and of course, we need to ensure most people survive. Compassion should prevail over any other choice we may have – even when it comes to money. It is a fact that the feared depression is not avoidable. It is already here. And the longer it takes to move swiftly, the deeper it will be. Everything may look like a dystopian futuristic movie. Well, we are already there, so what are we going to do?

So many Americans are worried about the supposedly coming election. It can happen if people and our government are safe. Yes, the old fashion electoral machine booth can take care of that! However, I believe the best would be to let Trump end his term and meanwhile create a provisional government. A group of former US leaders from both ends supported with proven smart and ethical people that examine the information, consult with the legislative bodies and enact what is necessary to save the US and the world. Aaaaah! That sounds impossible, unrealistic, and dumb! Right? It is not considering that if we do not react properly and ASAP, the consequences will be extremely dire, much worse. I know the extreme right most likely would fight this. Extremists, radical right, and haters of the new status of our nation would prefer to have Trump in power and allow the decay of our population. How little those may know to figure that such will represent their fall too. We may not forget that while we deal with this, greed will jump to the gun and try profit the best from it! I am not talking about the US greedy ultra-wealthy corporations and people. I am thinking of entire countries such as Russia, some Middle East countries, maybe China? It does not matter. A perfect scenario for other nations to take the lead over other nations, therefore, to lead the world as we have done it for so long is right there if we do not act together and congruently.

I am knocking my head because I am writing this. Something that so many people will say: Huh! Another conspiracy theorist, a bizarre and stupid woman, an ignorant, and everything you can throw to a person that is not in agreement with your ideas. Right! I doubt being in any of those places. I believe that I can see beyond the obvious, and I am concern that not everyone is ready for the upcoming reality of this case. Especially those people feeding their heads with stupid theories about this being deceit, manipulation even a lie! I am sorry someone falls for something so full of holes! The only real holes today are that our government is not acting accordingly, too many people disregard the threat and the crisis, and so many people are expecting that the crisis will be over in a matter of a few weeks. I will hate to say in the future: See? I told you so!

I apologize for presenting the basic possibility of creating a program to allow people to go to work, produce, and earn. There are too many intricacies that should be considered but that is a job for the people attempting to open the doors of the quarantined people that are certifiably healthy as the businesses they will return. The point here is that we can modify that safety protocol and avoid further financial damage that could last much longer than the Great Depression. I would like to the point that people involved in the political realm, corporations, and people in power should not be part of any possible solution to this crisis. They already proved not having what is needed to make our people better and do not even have an intention to help.


From my window where I am staying now.

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