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I Do Not Want More Sad News!

Posted on the 27 April 2020 by Isiswin @Isis_Win

By Isis Win   1169 words


I bet many readers feel like myself; I do not want more bad news! The situation already is bad news, so spare me from that. I feel twice the weight of that because what I have written recently carries bad news. I am aware anyone wanting to get the updates of the crisis of corona can look for them by themselves and most likely will try to find a reliable source. Not just the opinion of who knows who she is and have bad news to comment about.

I have a compelling reason to become the mailwoman with information that does not alleviate our concerns, angst, etc. My reason, the only reason is that regardless of the position we take regarding this bad moment, we have to chew reality – as is – as well. Almost no one is talking about it, and I hope that someone reading me grasp what they need to figure that our waiting is not to return to what it was before C-19.

I have heard several quite educated people in the field, and most throw one or two little threads to the potential consequence of this crisis. No one knows for sure, but the math is quite simple. Sadly the result shows that this threat can defeat even the wealthiest and most powerful nation of the world. Although our president insists on what some believe that he has done everything necessary to curve the effects of the threat, the stats show the contrary and not even counting the people in the scientific world say. But this is not about him. The important factor is that for as long as we do not get reliable and proven information, we are not preparing for the impending consequences. I wish everyone takes this ride to figure what goes inside, outside, and what is what they believe should happen. Yup! I wish that in four weeks, the entire world returns what I left before the virus. That is not possible, sadly.

I have insisted through my writing that the best possible solutions to everything rely on taking our deserved power and lead our life, country, and whatever comes next in the direction that is best to our entire community. That regardless of who we dislike or do not approve. Otherwise, we leave our future and the future of our children in the hands of someone that does not take a lot of looking; we find that is clueless about what we need as a person. No better example of that nowadays, so we must take that ball and move as we need it.

There are US presidents that carved themselves in history as the greatest ones. Such as the Roosevelts, Theodore, and franklin or Lincoln, well, there are more than a handful. However, not all of them were approved by everyone, and I bet some people despise even the most popular president. Then a sound question would be why? Take your answer, not mine, and respond to yourself this one. Is a team of players good when some of the players want to go this way and the other ones in the opposite? Place that question for the entire country and tell yourself if that is a viable path to bring America to its best and shining moment. Ironically during the toughest times in US history, most Americans join the exact same effort even many were opposed to it! The Grand Depression and the World Wars. That input of the entire country brought America to a standing applause that modeled the rest of the world and the incredible new world capable of achieving the greatest feast ever. We are still America, are we? Or did we change our name, flag, constitution, etc.? We still are great as before, but we have neglected more than a handful of things. Every candidate promises to fix them, but during their campaigning, the specifics were not mentioned, were they? As resilient as the American people are, our politicians should be, and without our pressure, that will not happen. The make of democracy, but the problem is that democracy and government are not truly in the hands of our elected officers. If you do not know who commands our policies, you are in dear trouble and likely will never be happy with everything.

We most top the divide created and ruled by those who direct our future to increase their power for the sake of their special interests. On both ends of the political spectrum, some unhappy taxpayers do not trust the government anymore. It is useless to think this is from the left, this is from the right, and we are going to win our opponents. Your opponents are not a sport’s team! They are members of our government that you or the others chose. Did they deliver what they promised? Not for as long as that does not comply with those special interests. What about our interests? We want migratory reform, not an expensive and useless wall to celebrate the man who did not deliver us that needed reform! But that reform cannot simply be as what the KKK did not so long ago: get rid of all those X%&#!!! From our land or I kill them! One of the major reasons we became the great nation of the 20th century cannot be denied. We are a nation of freedom, opportunity, justice, and more for as long as any of that does not threaten big money potential loss. Such as the pharma, health, insurance, energy sources, etc. that will fight to their teeth their money at the price of our suffering and anguish!

Some people are under the belief that Trump is managing this crisis right. The same people believe he is a generous guy. He is going to pass us money pitching in for our corona suffering. Anyone can believe what you want; again, this is a nation of freedom. But the evidence points clear that he is not in touch with everything but himself, and what about us? Well, we can relax and wait for him to act as our president, but for as long as we do not get our act together, nothing good can be expected! Well, maybe if you give him four more years, there is a chance? If you believe that, I laugh at your face because in his almost four years he has not delivered A Great America Again, does he? So what makes you think you can expect something from the person that said America First but never said who America is! Ad as is, not you nor me, just his chosen elite that put him there when he can barely speak, not much think and way lesser do but to con and the entire nation and spread billions of dollars among them and members of his family. The greatest challenge and winner clearly is the master of the apprentice! And the apprentice got shit! Oh well!

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