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Covid 19 Effects

Posted on the 22 April 2020 by Isiswin @Isis_Win

By Isis Win


Perhaps the majority of people around the world are aware of the destructive path of this new virus. Scientists, although they already know a lot about it, still are puzzled by some of their findings that find no answers to find a fix. However, they inform us as they learn, and we cope with it as we can. This last phrase is a total fallacy on my part. It is a fact that only a handful of countries are coping with the best possible way with the threat. Us, the USA, are lousy and regardless of the efforts of scientists to warn us about the threat of broad propagation that can extend the quarantine period possibly to several months, and thousands of more casualties seem not believing the threat. I refer to the people still gathering in groups disregarding the mandates and suggestions and absolutely everything that common sense dictates. However, some are getting in the loop. To make it work, we all need to act accordingly to what is happening NOW!

I see beyond the virus’s threat. I see numerous other consequences by having a highly contagious asymptomatic disease. Beyond the danger to life and painful suffering when severely infected, the result will leave threatening marks of heavy pneumonia or organ damage.

The impact of global spread at the speed of a jet put us into a lengthy quarantine that we are not used to dealing with it. A long quarantine affects our emotional state because being in close quarters and unable to continue having a normal life is not natural. Missing going to work/school every day and maybe gathering with friends after work hours not only affects our body but our mental state as well. Our pocket, regardless of any help from the government, will be severely hurt even if we count with substantial savings. After the offered relief from the federal government, that most likely to grow much higher than 3.2 trillion dollars, the expense will have to be paid for it. We can “afford” it now through the massive printing of those mega dollars to bail us out from falling into the largest financial depression in the history of the world and the US. Who is going to pay for that, and how? Millions and millions of businesses will struggle, perhaps shut down because of their loss of revenue. Airlines, hotels, land transportation, restaurants, stores of all kinds, large retailers, just about every service known to people and thousands more, are getting too close to the abysm now. The longer it takes to pull out of it increases this crisis exponentially. Mass media is also challenged. Most people, after a month and more, do not want to know the bad news, and almost every single outlet there is will have to clean their act fully and stop the diffusion of unreliable information. They may have to fold-out not just because they are losing the audience but because people are fed up by their lack of awareness and consciousness about their audience. The health industry is receiving a huge blow too. Not just because of the demands of this threat but the thousands of losses of people in the industry. People will reconsider being part of an industry that was ignored by our top officer in our country and allowed the entire crisis to become a double threat. Politicians, the whole political realm will have to fix itself drastically. Politicians will have to renounce to their preferences and focus on what is needed now and less targeting on the taxpayers and voters. Businesses will have to learn new ways to sell their goods and stop the mentality of use and discard because there is a new and improved version. Energy producers and consumers will have to reconsider all means of energy dependency and use and curtail it to the very minimum.

Socializing will have to change drastically, even when it is announced that the threat no longer exists. The danger will not go away for a long time, and the possibility of a new outbreak will exist for a long time after that last case is pronounced. Who wants to expose their selves and others? As in the case of HIV and venereal diseases, spreaders of the illnesses can be charged with a punishable crime when knowingly they passed it to others. Even the internet and every means of communication will have to change one way or another one. The threat of becoming incommunicado is potentially large if we consider that we heavily depend on satellite technology that can possibly be destroyed at any moment. Consumption will be greatly affected and not for good.  I wonder about service workers not been able to get hired.

Another an accounted result or effect: Once the virus is not a threat, everything, absolutely everything, will have to be thoroughly disinfected. Can you imagine a supermarket cleaning everything in their store to ensure it is perfectly safe? Now imagine thousands of stores, supermarkets, etc. having to do that. That is the only way we can count in a not possible resurgence of the threat.

Everything we know will be affected deeply, and that will change everything we remember before Covid 19. We will prevail and move forward, but doing it exactly as it was before C-19 is a no-no that we must respect. Why? Because our emotional and financial state and common sense will dictate that we look for our known past instead of looking at our present and possible future. We must prepare for a forced change or . . .

Although we can say life before was awesome, it does not take brain science to reckon that a lot was wrong, way wrong. That is the element that caught us by surprise. We were not ready to deal with something like this, and although the majority of the people in the world acted properly, too many did not. That number that acted as if this was a government hoax or their saint will save them instead of I can die also, or I can pass it to someone I care about, that number is a secondary threat. Our only choice is to act according to the size of the threat.

I have heard tons of people saying this threat is karma, and we are paying the price of our lack of consciousness. Well, we are destroying our planet. We are allowing entire species to vanish. We are killing each other because some ideas that in the 21st century are proven false and are the result of manipulation by some kind of greed—the law of cause and effect they claim. My perception tells me that we behave one way or another one, consciously or not. That means we are not prepared to deal with issues like this disease, a major natural disaster, financial meltdown, etc. etc. we are unprepared to deal with global issues like those. If we are as “unlucky” as we have been for almost four years, we will not count on someone that truly can bail us out by leading us in the right direction. We now know what the wrong direction is, right? America First and a Great America Again are just catchy slogans if they do not deliver the good to those that believe in that. What really matters and is us does not necessarily mean you and I. It can mean the benefit is for those that preach what they cannot deliver but not even have the intention to provide it. That prompts for a huge change, but that change only happens if it starts in our own selves. I do not get tired saying the same thing: A broken team will never beat the opposing one, especially if the opponent team is one solid piece with no holes in it. Solidarity will take us in the right direction!

Stay safe and well!

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