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What Comes with P90X2?

By Nuwave

P90X2 Ultimate Package

When P90X2 first came out I did an unboxing video on YouTube which went well but I didn’t go into exact detail about some of the stuff since I was so excited about opening it. I decided to make a new video today, this video talks exclusively about what comes with P90X2, that way if you’re considering buying P90X2 you’ll know ahead of time of what exactly you are getting. Not only that but if you order from a beach body coach like myself you’ll get two exclusive workouts which are noted in the video below.

P90X2 Ultimate Package

P90X2 Ultimate Package

If you don’t know what P90X2 is,  it’s an extreme at-home fitness program. The sequel to the highly acclaimed P90 X, this new workout program has all-new moves and total of 16 workout DVDs if you purchase from a beach body coach. If you’re new to working out then I recommend starting with P90X Classic first as this new program is more intense and will require that you are already fairly flexible and can keep up with the pace. So what comes with P90X2 base will be the following:

What comes with P90X2?

  • 14 workout DVDs( two additional workout DVDs if you order from me)
  • Fitness guide( this booklet has over 80 pages and will go in-depth on what exactly each P90 X to work out is for)
  • Nutrition guide( with over 100 pages of recipes meal planning and also shopping lists)
  • Miscellaneous product promotion pamphlets( shakeology, beachbody products)

Of course there is some additional equipment required in order to get started the right way with P90X2. If you don’t have any of the equipment mentioned you’re better off buying the ultimate package which is a little bit more but will contain everything you need.

Recommended equipment:

  • Pull up bar ( highly recommended you be using this exercise a lot) *Not Included with Ultimate Package*
  • Dumbbells or Resistance Bands( ideally dumbbells are better but you can also use resistance bands) *Not Included with Ultimate Package*
  • Four medicine balls/basketballs( you’ll be doing a variety of different balancing push-up type exercises with these) *Two 8lb Medicine Balls Included with Ultimate Package*
  • Yoga Mat( needed mostly for yoga but also for some job training) *Not Included with Ultimate Package*
  • Foam Roller ( included with the ultimate package purchase, used on recovery days) *Rumble Roller Included with Ultimate Package*
  • Weighted bar(5lbs) or Broomstick ( used very minimally on recovery days) *Not Included with Ultimate Package*
  • Stability Ball ( you’ll be using this in conjunction with medicine balls) *Premium Stability Ball included with Ultimate Package*=
  • Push Up Bars (you’ll be using these a lot) * Included with Ultimate Package*

So while P90X2 does require more equipment than the original P90X. It also tries to promote muscle growth in a whole new way. if you don’t have majority of the equipment mentioned above, you’re better off just buying the ultimate package will contain majority of everything you need(highlighted in green) to start P90X2. So I hope you enjoyed finding out what comes with P90X2!

Watch the video below and if your interested in buying P90X2 yourself click the corresponding link.

P90X2 Base, P90X2 Ultimate

What comes with P90X2

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