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What Causes Drinking Problems and Dizziness?

By Adityasam @foralitelife
If consumption of alcohol gives you pleasure, due to its stimulating effect on the release of endorphins, then can excess pleasure make you dizzy. One of the latest research on alcohol consumption questions, Does Excess Pleasure Make You Dizzy? Now pleasure here, may be referred to both desire and due to alcohol consumption too. Either way, at some point, you are tired and get a bit dizzy.
There is no concrete evidence on what exactly causes drinking problems, but it has been clearly established that the stimulating effect of alcohol on the release of endorphins plays a vital role in addiction to drink.
From what I know, The body has a certain tolerance level to alcohol. When you take drinks for the first time (It may vary from tropical to temperate places), you can only take in the amount that your body can tolerate. As you reach tolerance limit, Endorphins are released, giving you pleasure, satisfaction and what not and of course making you dizzy. As you start drinking regularly, the body adapts, showing an increased tolerance to alcohol. The more the increase in the tolerance level, the more delay in the release of Endorphins and Dizziness.
And the next time you drink, you won't get any pleasure unless you reach the tolerance limit, which is much more increased that it was originally. This, as far as I think causes drinking problems and thus dizziness as you reach the tolerance limit.
Do you agree? Do you have any drinking problems? Share your opinions below.

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