Val is a thirtysomething lesbian, feminist, and anti-racism blogger. Whilst living in Britain, she was dubbed ‘Val Vanilla, lesbian superheroine’ by English feminists in reference to her famous ‘Mmm, Vanilla’ post. She has spent her entire adult life trying to avoid realizing her dream of being a self-sufficient writer in various ways: becoming a chef, a SCUBA diving instructor, an electrician’s mate, and a member of Canada’s northern military, just to name a few.


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    I should say from the outset that this is a radical feminist blog, and that anti-feminists, racists, and lesbophobes are not welcome here. So, if the next thing I write about seems completely unrelated to the radical/ anti-racism perspective or even feminism in general, don’t make yourself all comfortable just to get in a strop when I say that white women with unacknowledged racism (let’s be honest, the vast majority) are diluting feminism, or that genderoles need to go and that they are also not the same thing as sex. Cheers.