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Mean Women

Posted on the 19 July 2013 by Valeriem @Wont_Submit

The only real negative side to feminism in my personal experience is that it has enabled a bad habit of mine – allowing toxic relationships with females to continue when they shouldn’t. Giving women who don’t deserve my energy chance after chance to treat me right. Putting more and more effort in, to the point of detriment to my health, for women who really don’t care if I live or die.

My recent ex is one of these people. So was my manager at work, though. In fact, the dynamic being played out at work so closely mirrored the one at home it is more than likely that they were feeding each other.

It’s not feminism’s fault I let this go on for so long. It’s my fault. I have to figure out why I tolerate abuse from women and I have to stop tolerating it. I would never put up with that crap from men. But my feminism lulled me into a false sense of trust. It let me believe that women would always do the right thing when they could. That they wanted to do the right thing, especially when they understood that the wrong thing had harmful consequences for other women.

Well the truth is, some women are just mean. Nasty. Abusive. Sociopathic. And they will rip you to shreds at first opportunity. They will take advantage even when they know that you are giving them another chance *because* they’re women. They are happy to sit and soak up all of feminism’s hard-won rights, and then will stab other women in the back. Sometimes, even lesbians do this.

I know this blog has caused a lot of controversy in the past because I took the position that women sometimes do the wrong thing even when they have the choice to do the right thing. Because I wouldn’t support all female behaviour no matter how oppressive. To me, this just confirms I was right. And there will be no real freedom for women as long as we continue to treat each other like shit.

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