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*Everyone* Knows You Can’t Change Sex

Posted on the 10 June 2012 by Valeriem @Wont_Submit


Legalize WBW Space


Trans activists can howl at the moon all they want, but the fact is, MTFs know they are not women, and FTMs know they are not men. They know. They do. Just like everyone else, including their supporters. Their supporters may feel sorry for them and want to make them feel welcome (how very feminine!), but deep down they know you can’t change sex as well as those of us who criticize trans politics, regular folk who walk around never really thinking about it, governments who make laws against female-only space, and so on.

The trans themselves know this, which is why they need validation from everyone else, and want to force their way into places where they are not wanted. Imagine *forcing* someone, anyone, to hang out with you, no matter the reason. How douchy and pathetic. And male.

I think we should spend less time trying to explain to them why they are not, as in the MTFs cases, female, because they know this, absolutely. I think we should just start kicking them out. No matter how brilliant an argument we make for them, they will just alter their story about ‘how they knew they were women’ – I have seen this several times now – because the point is to force their way in, not to be female.

I know there are some who really are unhappy with their gender role, and tend to transition younger, but even they know they cannot change sex. They may not be out to fuck us around quite as much, but still. Tough shit. Learn the difference between sex and gender roles. It’s kind of privileged to walk around not bothering to fully understand how you are affecting others, particularly a class you oppress.

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