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Update On The Magazine Project For Lesbians

Posted on the 05 October 2011 by Valeriem @Wont_Submit

The sad day has come that The Magazine Project For Lesbians is no longer. If you remember, way back in 2010 J Cannacord took her hopes and dreams and launched what would soon become one of the most controversial Lesbian magazines since Lesbian Feminism had ovaries.

Of course it couldn’t last, not in today’s ‘ARGH DON’T QUESTION HOW I IDENTIFY!!1!’ political climate. Transgenderists hated it. Bisexuals hated it. ‘Queers’ hated it. Didn’t stop them reading it, oddly. But they certainly claimed to hate it, to the tune of over 1200 comments attacking women and Lesbians particularly.

Anyway, it culminated in a massive blog war that split our corner of the radical feminist community asunder, at least for a while, and shed light on a whole lot of seething lesbophobia that some of us hadn’t noticed before, and others saw coming a mile off. At WWS, it provoked such posts as ‘Lesbophobia Bingo Card‘, ‘More Lies‘, ‘On Canaries And Coal Mines‘, and ‘There I Go Ruining Feminism Again‘.

So, was the Magazine Project For Lesbians a good thing or a bad thing? Was it really a failed experiment, or did it hold a starkly honest mirror up to the state of our anti-woman politics today, for all to see?

I will be working with JC to create an archive here, so stay tuned for a trip down memory lane (if you actually want to remember how pissed off you were). :)

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