Passionate about marketing, design and new technology, The principal author of The Outside View Blog, Jussi Piri has 10+ years of marketing and business management experience. In his career, he has managed over 18 brands from ideas to action. Among them are global and local brands the like of Maybelline, L'Oréal Paris, Studioline, Garnier, TeliaSonera, and Top-Sport. At The Outside View Blog, Jussi together with selected contributors and guest writers, focuses on giving opinions, insights and resources on marketing, design, technology and society. The opinions given are the writers own, not their employers. True to the nature of The Outside View Blog, their views are sometimes stupid, sometimes insightful, but always worth a read. There is no Chuck Norris at The Outside View Blog. We encourage you to take a look at why.


  • The Outside View Blog

    The Outside View Blog is a small, selected group of professional designers, marketers and business people. All with 10+ years of experience in their field. We write about marketing, design, new technology and their role in society.

    On occasion we might be controversial, sometimes we will be stupid and boring, hopefully we are able to be insightful and professional, originality would be great, banality not so much, and if we are funny, we are glad.

    This is The Outside View Blog. There is no Chuck Norris there.

    More detailed info on our themes is below.

    Marketing themes: marketing management, advertising, branding, promotions, viral marketing, guerilla marketing, shopper marketing, retail marketing, marketing tools & resources, etc. Design themes: design in marketing, product design, graphic design, design trends. Technology themes: new technology, gadgets, web technology, technology in design, technology in marketing, technology shaping the society. Society themes: startups, entrepreneurship, role of design in society, role of marketing in society, role of technology in society, current news, no political news.