Joel Rosario-Tapia


My name is Joel Rosario "Tapia" I am an artist,Business owner, entrepreneur and consultant creating,Music Visual arts, and Videography.This blog is for Music fans ,who are technologically savvy,and consider themselves on the cutting edge of,arts and culture through electronic means. Synkrow aims to be the destination for the promotion,profiling and identification of leaders in Electronic music be it,Hip Hop,EDM(Electronic Dance Music) Dubstep,House,Techno,Latin,Reggaeton or any other genre known or hereafter devised. My professional experience is diverse and in depth-in electronics and recording equipment, encompassing editing,audio recording,video recording and editing conceptualizing ,records inception,production,delivery and mixing. I have extensive experience in contract negotiations,artist management,venue management and supervision,and events promotion. My goals are to take my present companies and projects,Mogul Money Entertainment & MMT Productions and Videography, from inception to profitability,becoming recognizable entertainment industry brands and icons.


  • SYNKROW-Identifying,Profiling and Promoting leaders in Electronic Music.

    A blog about the current events,Trends ,leaders and movements in the Electronic music genres. We write about DJs,VJs, rappers,producers,composers drugs in music, music conferences and music videos. Our main aim is to profile,promote and inform the public about leaders and movements in the emerging electronic music genres.