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SXSW Conference and Festivals a Music, Film and Technolog...

Posted on the 27 November 2012 by Joel Rosario-Tapia @tapiauno1

     SXSW Conference and Festivals a Music, Film and Technological Showcase of The Worlds Best.

SXSW(South by South West) is the worlds only combination Music Festival, Film festival, Technological and Trade show and showcase. It is like a festival that comes in waves. The technological arm of the festival, SXSW Interactive kicks off the festival March 8-12, 2013 in Austin Texas, it features,talks ,parties The 16th Annual, SXSW Interactive Awards, The SXSW Startup Village which connects Investors with technology developers, and startups.The SXSW gaming Expo, and  SXSW trade show showcasing the cutting edge in technology across gaming, computing, websites, music and film. The film Portion goes on simultaneously March 8-16 also In Austin, featuring screenings of the newest most anticipated films worldwide with some of the most creative and famous minds in the business as speakers.
I know this is all interesting, but I know you are asking yourself, What about the music Tap? Well here is the most incredible and promising part for the electronic, and music fans and artists in general. The SXSW Music and Media Conference is March 12-17 features performances from over 2,286 bands and artists from all over the world! Representing 49 different countries in over 100 different venues in downtown Austin. The roster of past artist reads like a who's who of music and successful bands spanning from Diplo to Duran Duran To 50cent to The Black Keys. Performing at South by SouthWest is not something that is simply reserved for the elite artists of the world. Any artist can apply to perform at SonicBids.com for a $30.00 dollar fee  and Electronic Press Kit submission. If selected, Artist are Paid cash and artist Wristbands. Submissions for 2013 are already closed but if I would have known about it believe me, I would have submitted for this year. In addition many artists and industry execs are featured at discussions and are present at demo listening sessions at the conference. SXSW has become one of the biggest events of the year in the entertainment industry and one of the places to get noticed and discovered, over 19,000 industry professionals attend each year and are present looking for the next big band, artist, DJ, or professional,or even the next game changing piece of gear or tech startup.
 SXSW is adding a new event to the roster called SXSW V2V which will be in Las Vegas and focus on venture capitalism, investing and Pitch competitions, panels workshops and discussions. It is like American Idol crossed with Shark Tank in Las Vegas! After researching these events I see them like an investment for any one aspiring to be in the entertainment business. Being able to meet so many people from all over the world in the entertainment business at one time is very unlikely outside of SXSW. The likely hood of being selected to perform, and your career exploding as an artist is very high, everyone that goes is presumably successful and looking for the next idea to invest in, or integrate into their company, or band to discover, or movie to discover, or people to network with. Each one of the SXSW arms has a fee for example, a Film Badge just for film events cost $450.00 dollars. While a Music Badge is $625.00 dollars,and an Interactive badge is $695.00. There are also Platinum and Gold Badges for all SXSW events ranging from $895-$1150.00. I think that any one of the badges focusing on any given specialty is definitely worth the investment, When I go I would like to stay for the full length of all the events and go to all the events I could get to, across all industries to get the most for the price of admission.
The newest developments in the entertainment, music,and film and technology happen at events like this and specifically at SXSW. Anyone who is serious about, Music, Film, or Technology Industries simply needs to be there.
SXSW Conference and Festivals a Music, Film and Technolog...

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