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Ana Sia is One of Those Artist, Producer, DJs That Really...

Posted on the 02 November 2012 by Joel Rosario-Tapia @tapiauno1

Ana Sia is one of those artist, producer, DJs that really...Ana Sia is one of those artist, producer, DJs that really...
Ana Sia is one of those artist, producer, DJs that really...
Ana Sia is one of those artist, producer, DJs that really really stands out. When She Plays a show you hear so many different melodies and rhythms that it is exceedingly hard to categorize what she is  creating and playing.  Her sound is part of what has built the west coast into a burgeoning cornucopia of electronic music. She attacks her sets with  frantic tracks and weaves in and out with crashes, hits, Beeps and sound blips and bites that turn the experience into more than a DJ set but  something closer akin to an ear movie. She calls it her "Multi-level, Omni Tempo experience."
Ana Sia is constantly touring the world, from  the  Bay area in the West Coast,where she is from to every major electronic music festival from Coachella to Lollapalooza,The Detroit electronic music festival,The Electric Daisy Carnival and everywhere in between. She has rocked stages and tours with the likes of  Deadmau5, Sound Tribe, and Bass Nectar and many more. Her self run independent Label "FriteNite"is  been hailed in the electronic music genre as "Leading the way with the brightest production minds in North American Dance music".
She started 2012 by releasing her first project on her label a compilation and DJ mix entitled Surreal Estate  to critical acclaim. She continued to the NYE tour in Queenstown,New Zealand and on to stages all over the world. She is currently working on several new projects and collaborations.Ana Sia is making her mark and helping to promote electronic music by blending everything from Dance to Hip Hop to Grime with the skill of the classically trained musician and dancer,which she is. Ana Sia is pushing the limits and making crowds all over the world dance and groove to her original beats.
Check out this video of her live performance at the Ogden Theater in Denver Colorado at Mile High live. With performances like these, and the sounds she features on her website Anasiamusic.com ,she is continuing her movement and promises to make a lot more noise! learn more about her by reading this recent interview by Bigup Magazine here .

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