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The Proliferation of BAD ACID!After Premiering My New Mus...

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Joel Rosario-Tapia @tapiauno1

               The Proliferation of BAD ACID!

The Proliferation of BAD ACID!After premiering my new mus...
After premiering my new music video for the song "Dancing on the Starz Bad Acid" I didn't quite know what to expect. So much had gone into its production that with no budget to promote the video I kind of felt dead in the water. However, I knew that I could try to promote the video with an organic grass roots approach. I took to facebook to create a video premiere event. I invited friends who I have actually had interactions with, or that I have known for a long time, I only invited about 600 people to the event and listed it as premiering on the event page itself. So it was a virtual video premiere party! I hyped this premiere with still images from the rough draft of the video for about two weeks. Once premiered I had as many invited folks confirm that they would repost the video to create momentum and they actually did! We premiered may 3rd since then so much has happened around this music video. It is May 23rd and the video has over 50,000 views on YouTube!
The Proliferation of BAD ACID!After premiering my new mus...

                                Video Aggregators

The video has been reposted on over 30 video aggregators all over the world!A video aggregator is a website that collects and organizes online videos from other sources. Video aggregation is done for different purposes, and websites take different approaches to achieve their purpose. Some sites try to collect videos of high quality or interest for visitors to view. The collection may be made by editors or may be based on community votes. Another method is to base the collection on those videos most viewed, either at the aggregator site or at various popular video hosting sites . Some of the reposting is  like bootlegging of my video,but it can do nothing but add to my momentum at this point. No one really knows who I am yet and this is helping to  get the word out about my album Escape Velocity. Soon we will be going to  digital distribution to the MTV networks and BET, Fuse and many others. The video is presently on sites like Flickr, Stumblupon,Vimeo, Bebo, Metacafe,Screencast, Rediff, Viddler, Newsvine, Dekhona, Listal, Buzznet, Popscreen, Miloop,and Cardomain and many more site that aren't even in English! I hope and expect that this will lead to more blog placements and general attention around the video and Project  A friend helped me set up my google alerts to notify me every time my name came up on a new listing on the search engine. Below is a listing of links to every video site I could find that had my video uploaded to it! Check The video out on youtube and comment repost and enjoy!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPasizQAchE&feature=youtu.behttp://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8734032039/in/photostreamhttp://fennygarnz.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/tapia-7apa-bad-aciddancing-on-the-starz/http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xztu29_tapia-7ap-a-bad-acid-dancing-on-the-starz_people#.UZWFPbXrzxRhttp://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1KL8yy/www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPasizQAchE/http://s1301.photobucket.com/user/fennygarnz/media/TAPIA-7APABADACID_DANCINGONTHESTARZ_zps594119ea.mp4.htmlhttp://vimeo.com/66057601http://fennygarnz.tumblr.com/http://www.videowebtown.com/fennygarnz/51007/134333http://www.metacafe.com/watch/10504449/tapia_7ap_a_bad_acid_dancing_on_the_starz/http://www.bebo.com/c/video?FlashBoxId=11088515755&FlashViewType=Personal&MemberId=http://www.screencast.com/users/fennygarnz/folders/Default/media/d7e3fe63-84c9-4d4b-8173-be03e0d9fa48 http://fennygarnz.jimdo.com/http://ishare.rediff.com/video/entertainment/tapia-7ap-a-bad-acid-dancing-on-the-starz/8585474

http://www.viddler.com/v/3b7ac437 http://fennygarnz.livejournal.com/516.htmlhttp://fennygarnz.newsvine.com/_news/2013/05/13/18227160-tapia-7apa-bad-aciddancing-on-the-starz http://www.dekhona.com/family-events-videos/fdjbbqvpvop/TAPIA-7AP-A-BAD-ACID-DANCING-ON-THE-STARZ-video http://www.listal.com/video/10543456 http://fennygarnz.soup.io/ http://www.4shared.com/file/Nl7hDSTr/TAPIA-7APA_BAD_ACID_DANCING_ON.html http://fennygarnz.buzznet.com/user/video/5517206/tapia-7ap-bad-acid-dancing/ http://www.video-bookmark.com/watch/2876459/tapia-7ap!a-bad-acid/dancing-on-the-starz/ http://www.popscreen.com/v/85l8P/TAPIA7APA-BAD-ACIDDANCING-ON-THE-STARZ#mainContent http://www.thetributenetwork.com/video/13535/TAPIA-7APA-BAD-ACIDDANCING-ON-THE-STARZ 

http://www.wideo.fr/video/f8db2745023s.html http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/65114420
http://videos.sapo.pt/LhhaT6pfrmmbZqyGw1k0 http://www.pusha.se/tapia-7ap-a-bad-acid-dancing-on-the-starz
http://clipshare.certifiedtube.com/video/7016/TAPIA-7APA-BAD-ACIDDANCING-ON-THE-STARZ http://www.humsurfer.com/tapia7apa-bad-aciddancing-on-the-starz
http://www.cardomain.com/gallery/16207672 Http://video.fotki.com/fennygarnz/102156/ 

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