I have to admit, not a whole lot of thought went into my decision to start this blog. At the end of the day I did it as a way to keep in contact with people from home as well as give me an excuse not to watch another episode of Mythbusters, Top Gear or Bear Grylls.

I respect the fact that my sense of humour may not be for everyone. Some people are funny and some people are not. For those who are less fortunate in the sense of humour department, maybe you can take some good advice, hints and tips from the posts.


  • Bean and Gone

    In an attempt to keep family and friends virtually involved in my travels I have decided to do what every Gen Y is doing and start a blog. However in all honestly, this is probably more beneficial to me than anyone else due to the large proportions of ‘me time’ I seem to have on my hands these days.

    I know that I am starting this up a little late, but I will do my best to reminisce as accurately as possible. If I forget something, please just fill in the blanks with the coolest outcome possible.