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There is Never a Quick Fix in Life

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Severe stress was the primary reason I started this blog. Back then, I was a tad littler than I am right now and I guess at 18, most of your stress comes from your wrong doings and all. Back then, I just joined college, they call it a medical college here, things did not begin well at all, I was homesick, the cadavers were like ghosts, the classrooms were much worse than shawshank and people around me were crazy worrying about petty things.
Things started to settle down, I got acquainted pretty well, believe me just because I spoke marginally better English than others, and because I knew some good rock bands too! And you know what would follow, friends, girls (not in that manner of course!), gangs, hangouts and the saga went on. There were a few hiccups in the way, but luckily enough, they got settled pretty fast. Ah, yes talking about hiccups, they often come to me in December and only and only in December, such bad Decembers I've had for the past two years. Anyway, things went on smoothly come new year (2011), finished first year pretty well. It was June and my birthday came along sans too many surprises, but it was fun. Some of the rarest people remembered me on that day lol. Again, there were a few hiccups along the way, but not as grave as the previous ones. Maybe it was because I was learning too fast, was more experienced and probably knew how to tackle them better.
Yet again, this December proved to be a drab! Nevertheless things settled faster. However, throughout the way. I faced every bit of stress that I faced at the beginning! I wasn't able to follow some of my own tips, well partly because of college and football maybe.
What I learnt here is, No matter how I try to distance myself away from stress, thinking of it as the best way and the quickest to cope with my stress,  I failed miserably. On the other hand, my behavior too has changed dramatically, I vent out anger more than I ever did, get frustrated very easily, lose patience often! However, from the past two months I have been following some of the tips I post and effect is beginning to show, I'm getting back to being myself.
All along, I just realised one thing, there is never a quick fix to anything in life. You have to work hard PERIOD. Staying away from my real self never helped and now I seriously hope, the methods I follow, prove effective.

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