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Seven Hours Sleep Best Suggested For Teenagers

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Sleep Teenagers with their extremely erratic lifestyles don't seem to find time for anything at all. They rarely keep schedules and even if they, it doesn't last for a long time. When it's showdown time, they either fail miserably or just scrape through mostly at the expense of some other thing. They risk themselves to several health problems during the course and to add oil to the fire, they don't find time to take care of themselves in their mismanaged schedule. May not be the case with all of them but certainly with most of them!
Experts say that sleep will take care of all health problems. The best suggested sleep time or duration for teenagers is seven hours. That means 7 hours of deep sleep or REM sleep. Less than that you may risk yourself to health disorders and improper consolidation of memory. More than that isn't necessary at all for teenagers, the experts say.
They say, For a 25-year old even 9 hours can be suitable, while 7 hours of sleep for teenagers puts them in active phase, they can work more efficiently and at a faster rate.
The main problem, they say, is mismanaged schedule or unplanned schedule, which can be strenuous sometimes, so it was appropriately suggested that seven hours of sleep would be ideal for teenagers.
As the saying goes, teenagers are raging with hormones and so they are exposed to a whole new environment. Due to a lack of experience, they usually are unable to manage their time, procrastinate and sometimes retort to multitasking. Well, we can't change that, so why not cover it all up with seven hours of proper sleep. Good luck!

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