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Recovery: Teens That Are Lost!

By Sobrfit3

Written By:  Cathy Shuba
"Happy Tuesday!"
When I was a teenager I was difficult yet never spoke my opinion unless I was at the end of my rope!  When I was a teenager I began to drink...that is at age 13!  When I was a teenager I had an attitude of gloom and doom!  When I was a teenager I had distorted thinking on how things should be, can be and what I expected things to be.  When I was a teenager I was attracted to trouble.  When I was a teenager I lacked attention, gratification, trust from my parents and self acknowledgement.  When I was a teenager I was smothered by my moms panic and anxiety issues.  When I was a teenager I was lost!
When I was a teenager you were either popular or not.  I was popular!  When I was a teenager you either drank and did drugs or you didn't.  I drank and did drugs!  When I was a teenager you were either smart or dumb.  I was troubled in my studies, I prefer not to call myself dumb, but admit I struggled with my studies.  I struggled because I never really applied myself until I went to college and even then, it was a struggle!  When I was a teenager you either dated a lot or not.  I dated a lot!  When I was a teenager you either dealt with problems at home and in your life or denied them.  I denied them.  When I was a teenager you either pleased your parents or pissed them off!  I pissed them off!...with a pinch of manipulation in order to please them!  When I was a teenager it was either black or white.  I never knew of gray!  I was a lost teenager.
Today, as an adult I see so many things that could of, would of or should of helped me as a teen.  I was not informed, guided or shown any example of it in order for me to see there is another side to life.  I never went to Al-Ateen, got therapy or felt comfortable enough to tell anyone what or how I was feeling except for the toxic friends I chose to hang around with.  How ironic, some of the one's I confided in as a teen are now sober and still in my life today!  I think of all those teens I see in meetings and wonder if they will stay, will recover and will have the strength to stand up for themselves when things get tough in their lives.  I know as a teen once I started drinking and hanging around with the wrong crowd I was never going to get help for any of my issues.  My question, it the same today in how teens think?  Can a teen still be reached after they have been exposed to drugs and alcohol?  On the other hand, can a teen still be reached when their parents engage in toxic things, toxic issues and toxic people, places and things?  Can I reach a teen?  How can I reach a teen?  Are our teens today lost?  Is there a way to reach teenagers before they engage in toxic things?  Is there a way to reach a teenager after they have been affected by someone or a parent that engages in toxic things?  I want to reach those teens!  I know I have no power or control over this wide and troubled group of people and I guess that is my frustration.  Feeling frustrated will motivate my spirit and guide me in the right direction.  I do not know what or how I will go about this but it is the hope in my heart and the faith that I have within myself to wait for God's message, to be patient and willing to allow myself to be open to ideas, opinions, experiences and the needs of others.  This will allow me to help those teens that are lost today!  I can relate, I can understand and I will find a way to make it work.  I was once a lost teen!
Today I will run with all those teens I have met, experienced their pain and know that I am here to reach out to them, embrace them and let them know they are not alone.  That is all I can do...for now!  Do you know a lost teen?  If so, have they tried an Al-Ateen meeting?  Has it helped?  If not, what else can you suggest for them to do in order to deal with things they need to deal with?  I would love to hear about it, too!

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By Bo00mie
posted on 30 September at 01:19
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There are a lot of way, you can help teens when they stray to a wrong path. One, is counselling of course. May it be, individual or as a family. Now, there are schools or camps focuses on these types of teens. One is Military Schools. What they do, is provide structure and discipline to teens so that they won't stray. It gives them confidence and self-esteem that most teens lack. :)