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Recovery: Gratefully Overwhelmed in My Recovery!

By Sobrfit3
Written By:  Cathy Shuba
"Happy Wednesday!"
I have been working a lot.  I have been taking care of a lot of things.  I have been all over the place but not feeling as though anything is being accomplished.  "Geez!, I wonder why?"  Control?  Acceptance?  Inpatient?  I have been doing to much!  I am overwhelmed!  Sound familiar?
I have shared in my previous posts that I was going to make hand made items and sell them on my blog!  In regards to this, as an artist, I was programed, coached and taught to always make your deadline, matter what!  I am trying to do that but something always seems to go wrong, get distracted or other priorities need to be tended too.  This frustrates me!  This aggravates me!  This makes me feel less productive and mostly not living up to what I was always taught,...making the deadline!  HALT!  What am I talking about?  Deadline?  What deadline?  It is only me who is making, painting and producing some great things that I think will help, inspire and motivate others to work on themselves and no one else!  My shop will be used as an added tool to any recovery program.  Evey product I sell is handmade. created and designed by me!  Nothing will be mass produced!  Knowing this and realizing this, I must be kinder to myself and stop beating myself up.  I must realize, I am only one person with two hands and nothing else.  I must realize that when helping others there should be no time line!  I must realize that producing my passion, my message and my experience, strength and hope should never be on the clock, on a calendar or on a check list!  I must look to progress, not perfection and move on!  I must look for God's message, which has inspired me in so many ways to produce what I have already produced!  I must realize that when something comes up and I am unable to work on items that there is good reason.  I will have gratitude!  I have gratitude!
I am gratefully overwhelmed!  Have you ever heard anyone say that?  Well, you have today!  How may times I have been overwhelmed with a project, a situation or and issue and allowed that overwhelmed feeling suck all the positive things out of me?  Many times!  Today, I can choose to sit back, HALT and look at the big picture!  I can tear the overwhelmed feelings apart and for every negative thought I have about a certain situation, person or issue I can force myself to think of something positive!  "What's that, you can not seem to do that?"  That's alright, it takes time, effort, willingness and a lot of letting go to get there.  Take it for me, I have been there and done that!
How did I find gratitude when feeling overwhelmed?  First, I said a prayer and asked God for his will not mine!  Second, I wrote down everything I was overwhelmed with then listed those things with positive actions or words that I could do in order to change my attitude.  Thirdly, I waited for the message which means, I needed to be patient, calm down and mostly did some physical activity to help with the stress, anxiety and frustration I was feeling.  Many of you know I love to run and some of you are not fans of that particular activity, but it does not matter what physical activity you pick as long as it gets your heart pumping and you feel a sweat coming on!  Do not say you can't, everyone can do some type of activity, unless you are in a coma in the hospital,...God forbid!  Lastly, I wrote in my blog today to let all of you know just where I've been or how my shop is coming.  It's coming,...not in my time but in God's time!  I will be gratefully overwhelmed and know that God is helping me no matter how overwhelmed I may seem to get.
Today, I will know in my heart that wanting things to change or happen does not happen instantly!  I know that my recovery did not happen instantly, so I should not expect anything else to happen in such a way.  My attitude of gratitude will allow me to be kind to myself and mostly patient.
I will run with patience and know that there is a reason for everything.  Having this attitude of gratitude allows me to grow spiritually, mentally and of course,...physically! Creative Commons License 
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