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Part 2: Analysing My Stress Sources to Prevent Stress

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Part 2: Analysing My Stress Sources to Prevent Stress I promised I'd get back to the stress sources post. Yeah, so here it is, once you're done with identifying your stress sources, you have to analyze them to get the better of stress. Coping with stress is a lot different than preventing it; that's what I have mentioned in my previous post (Part 1). Listening to music and watching selected shows on TV would be coping with stress but not preventing it. Preventing stress is what matters; Why let it in, when you can easily kick it out! Here's my analysis;
Lets get back to the previous post for a moment here, I identified my stress sources and did not prevent em' but rather found other means to cope with stress. Check out how to identify your stress sources with my example.
In the first case, I mentioned my sleep-wake cycle as a major stress source. After ample analysis, this is what I intend to do from now on,
  1. Maintain a regular bedtime. My rising time cannot change and with the added fact that I'm in my late teens and require at least 7 hours of sleep, I should plan my schedule in a way that I would be able to sleep at the same time everyday, with 7 hours of sleep and try to wake up early in the morning, preferably at 6 AM.
  2. I should avoid changing my sleep schedule on weekends.
  3. I shouldn't snooze at my work no matter what.
In the second case, I stated that work at the hospital is giving me enough stress, this is what I had planned to do;
  1. Embrace it as my duty. Yes, I know it's tough but it was me who chose it and I should try to adjust myself accordingly.
  2. Make the most of the breaks I get. You know, there are breaks in between and that is when I can completely help myself kick stress out.
  3. A patient and a dcotor

    In my case, Developing a better relationship with my patients can really help me in preventing stress

  4. Try to laugh around more and have a better patient-physician relationship with my patients.
In the third case, I identified lack of sleep as a stress source. It differs a bit from the sleep-wake cycle but I'm gonna follow the same tips. So, I can strike off cases 1 and 3 in one go.
Next, Talking to people and my irritability have been stressing me for quite a long time. Now, this is where I falter the most, I lose patience, get irritated and angry and at the end of it is a messed up mind! As they say, "Doctor, Heal Thyself", is what I'm gonna do.
  1. Try my best to be more patient and take time to react to people.
  2. Will try to understand what the other person exactly wants to convey and why he/she said that.
  3. Again, I will try to laugh around more to keep me light-hearted.
That's it. There's nothing too hard to try in there. Of course, you gotta have that 'little push' in you to follow them promptly. My advice would be, to lose that impression of stress as a diabolical thing that messes up your brain. Don't get carried away by what other stressed people tell you, in fact you can advice them to analyze their stress sources themselves and tell them it can't get any easier than this to prevent stress. It's as simple as it can get and you can do it very easily. Good luck with it! Here's a complete guide on Stress Management, if you're having any troubles.
For now, I will stop doing the talking and give it up to you. Let me hear your thoughts on this, any advices you could give or how you felt after following them! Sure, I can have a conversation all day!

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