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Life is Indeed a Bed of Roses!

By Adityasam @foralitelife
bed of roses 99% would go back after seeing the title because I used the word 'indeed'. Am I hallucinating? Oh no, I'll tell you why. Before that, For anything and everything, there are extremes, you may curse and hate the post at the end or may ponder over that title for a few minutes. Rest aside, Imagination or probably in the wildest sense, Creative Visualization is a gift of life, so lets see what's the story behind that audacious title.
Now you gotta personify your life to something here. I did; to a very large bed of roses. A rose is not just made of those beautiful and colored petals, but also a long pedicel with prickly thorns. Life, speaking generally is measured by a man's successes or achievements. I think you may have got the idea by now, Compare each task or maybe goal in your life to a single rose. The number of goals you set, is the number of roses in your life's rose bed.
Lets say, every man has about 100 goals, even if the small ones are included. It may vary, maybe a 1000 for a few, or less than 20! Anyway, a bed is a bed, irrespective of the number of 'roses' in it. So, getting down to the point, to achieve your goals, you have to cross several hurdles and then you get the sweet taste of success once you accomplish it. Similarly, a rose too has its thorns, several in fact, but at the top, there is a beautiful arrangement of colorful floral petals. Do you get the connection?
In every goal of your life, in everything you do, you hope to succeed, by crossing all those prickly barriers. Ultimately, irrespective of the number of roses, some people may not have the best bed, not finishing everything they wish for. Well, in that case, Life is not a bed of roses, but if the rose is taken as a whole, I mean with the pedicel and thorns and all, then Life indeed is a bed of roses.
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