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Is Coping With Stress Really Possible in 2012?

By Adityasam @foralitelife

 Fast Life I mean, look at the pace of our lifestyles, Do we even have the required time to eat and sleep? Let alone singing in the rain, where are the rains anyway?
The world has become such a difficult place to live in that, you and me are both are scared to live in it. One fine day, you'll hear them say, "No mama, I don't wanna come out (take birth!), It's too tough!!!"
Oops, we're drifting too far, what was the question? Is coping with stress really possible in today's world?
YES!!! Phew! Thank you lord! Here's why;
Stress is not a fatal, incurable disease. It is not even a disease. The first key in coping with stress is the knowledge that there are two types of stress: Bad Stress, and the Good Stress.
The bad stress causes all the negative feelings and produces bad results. On the other hand, Good, or positive stress (eustress) is an alteration of your emotion. You feel this stress when you are excited because of something good.
Haha, see there are some advantages to stress too, it's just the way you look it! So, let's know more on this!
Good stress is the excitement you feel in the morning of your bonus payday, or seeing your child performing in a concert. These are positive healing stresses. It is good for the body. It gives you motivation to get up in the morning, to be interested in living, and loving life.

Baby Pillow - Birth Announcement

Seriously, A baby' birth is a great load of good stress, Isn't it?

Here's the most important part; It is Stress management that teaches you to identify bad and good stress. Hurray, read completely about it here.
Woah woah woah, Am I being serious? So, there is a small hope that we can actually manage stress and not be afraid of life in 2012? YES, my dear!
The problem is the BAD STRESS! It's okay when we are facing good stress, but what about the Bad Stress can you leave it unmanaged?
NO! You need help in coping with bad stress. Coping with stress involves learning about how stress affects your mind and body, identifying the warning signs of stress, developing good stress-management techniques, and seeking professional help.
A fighter wins over his enemy if he is well acquainted with it. Likewise, To win your battle against stress, you need to know facts about it. Don't you think so?
In the battle of 'Managing Stress', you're not alone and never will be! Almost everybody experiences situations and events in their life that they find difficult to cope with. There are many ways to cope with stress.
Here's one such surprisingly easy method one research study suggests. It is called the 'TARP' method.

T is for “Tune in”. A is for “Analyze”. R is for “Respond” and P is for “Prevent”.

Tune In (T)

When you “Tune in”, you detect early signs of stress. For example, if you notice feelings of irritability, tension, distraction or fatigue, then you may be having early signs of stress.

Analyze (A)

Next, you “Analyze” the situations that are stressful to you. The reasons may be external, or things and events outside your body that gives you the feeling of being threatened. It can also be internal, which results from your own attitude and thinking patterns.

Respond (R)

You “Respond” when you fight the source of stress. Stress can be battled calmly. Stop what you do, breathe deeply, relax, and stop your thoughts.


“Preventing” stress is preparing your mind and body to withstand stress. It proves helpful to your immune system. Relax and exercise regularly. Eat right, and avoid stressful situations.
That's it, you can put an end to stress for life, yes FOR LIFE and I mean it!
The simplest tip I can give you is - Stop worrying about things you cannot change. Move on, you deserve it! Treat your body right. It will give you more self-confidence and energy, and be less likely to experience the effects of stress PERIOD!
What do you think?
Don't you think there are certain aspects of life when we are helpless and get scared just to live life? Did you ever realize that managing stress would be so easy, or at least did you ever realize that stress is making you scared of life? Let me know more on this!
About the Authors
This post was co-authored by Aditya Samitinjay (Me) and Elizabeth Dennis. While I write at the blog, Elizabeth is one of the authors of Life Outside the Bubble, A blog hosting massive articles for different topics. You can browse some of her articles here.

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